Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Point!

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  1. 4 made me giggle…

  2. #4 is a t-shirt on T-shirt Hell.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    A #4 needs to be a sexual move.

  4. LOSE your pen, Amanda. Don’t LOSE your pen. It only has one fucking “o”, unless you mean you’re letting your pen run free back to the wild.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    Real spelling Nazi.

  6. ^^^^ If Adolf stood up for correct spelling then he wasn’t all bad.

  7. “you get skinny = you get ugly”

    Seems to be somewhat flawed logic.

    For your convenience I have linked you to some proof of this flaw:


  8. It’s not really being a spelling Nazi, she has used the wrong word and changed the entire meaning; After proving that not using a pen will result in death she then tells the world to not loose their pens (I can only assume this means to leave them secured and therefore unused.) surely condeming the entire world to death!!

    She must be stoped!

  9. Did all the admin disappear? How is jameszz still alive?

    The first one would have been pretty good, in my opinion, if not for… well, you know. Made me grind my teeth.

    As a psych major, from a family of therapists, the last one cracked me up.

  10. I wish I lived in Virginia. Not really

  11. I’m a HP freak, and I don’t get #3

  12. mgs, really? Voldemort has no nose. So, can he be “nosey”? Wow.

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