Friday, September 6, 2013

Birthday Breath

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  1. That’s why I fill mine with farts.. Takes a little longer, but is more fun!

  2. ^Oh, but Steeeever, you don’t have any friends to give it to…

  3. Steeeeever is his only friend, so he gives them to himself. And inhales them.

  4. I never said I did that… I huff them like kids do with helium

  5. Kids? I still do it.

  6. Who gives non helium birthday balloons? Maybe for dwarfs?

  7. Go kill your children then off yourselves.

  8. You’re the reason our kids are ugly.

  9. Ballons are rubber not plastic. Why are kids named Tyler always dumb fuckin idiots who think they are smart and funny?

  10. I swear, if I see someone rehash this stupid quote one more time, I’m going to go all Bruce Banner on them.

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