Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bloody Vampires

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  2. Likes it up the ass ….^^^^

  3. ^^^likes to use “^^^” all the fucking time to bash people for his lack of creativity

  4. ^^ most suck the other ones dick ^^ all the fucking time cuz they r lovers …

  5. ^^^^Doesn’t make a bit of sense… Therefore, forcing me to agree with MusicMaker, although I am against “bullying” via the interwebs.

  6. ^^ mostve ran out of lube so got forced to take it up,the ass witout lube and now needs to let it out via the interweb…

  7. <<<<<has a vagina… Needs no lube… Has an apostrophe on her keyboard because she is not forced to watch porn and jack-off. . leaving jizz residue to crust her keys down… Also, knows how to spell without…

  8. Umadbro?

  9. Lol … U sound mad …

  10. I was waiting for a terribad response.. Glad that I made you laugh aloud. 😀 I am not mad… Ummmmm, Sttteeeeevvvveeeerrrr? I didn’t know how to end this response… So, this is the best that I can do…. Awkward…

  11. Just so that everyone is clear on my response to this lamebook post… It isn’t even worth reading, tbh.

  12. All of you are fucking retarded. EOM.

  13. All I read here was “Vagina Lube”, good enough for me.

  14. Bring_back_fingering

    vvvv MASSIVE HOMO vvvv

  15. How’d you know? 🙁

  16. I too have an erection powered by animal blood… I can’t resist a chiuaua on rag week.

  17. Mofo2, I can post you my neighbour’s dog. It’s a yappy little bastard.

  18. Save on the postal charges and just post it’s arsehole.

  19. Does Rachel think her joke is clever or something?!
    Why does she repeat it several times and explain it, it was simple, nobody was confused, she just didn’t get the praise she thought she deserved and so thought by explaining an already simple joke as though it was complex somebody would tell her she was funny?

  20. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Imamofo2 chihuahua’s are evil little fuckers, I already knew a 101 ways to kill them and now it’s a 102. Thanks for this addition.

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @12 I believe the, politically, correct term is developmentally challenged. Which has nothing to do with being gay, gay’s fuck assholes whilst retards are fucked in the head. Better learn your stuff before posting comments on the internets that make you look like a closet pansy boy.

  22. It’s not animal blood that gives him an erection, it’s his venom. And I’m so ashamed that I know that.

  23. What’s twilite?

  24. monkeymonkeyunderpants

    Slagit, you are attributing too much wisdom to Twilight fans. Trust me.

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