Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bonding with the Work Men

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  1. Well, if the dildo fits…

  2. Ehrm… English not being my first language, s/m not being my total dedication…sorry if I don’t get this correct…but doesn’t this give the expression “a piece of tail” a whole new perspective..? I think i could live with others thinking all these things were mine except… that…>.<

  3. Why hide something like that behind the boiler? Those are common items in the powdered toast household. On the coffee table or kitchen counter is where they belong.

  4. Oh yea,


  5. ^ You stare at them and hope someone will come and teach you how to use them, I gather.

  6. I found drug paraphernalia and empty booze bottles under my hot water tank a few months after I moved into my home. Kind of glad I found them and not the repair guys we called in to replace the tank!

  7. hootie the blowfish

    That stuff actually was left there by the repair guys, deanna.

  8. How do you forget to pack your sex toys when moving house? Who stores that shit behind a boiler in the first place?

  9. A practical joke. Previous owner knew the boiler was fucked, knew the next owner would have to have a new one, put the bondage stuff behind it and moved house knowing the lagacy of his evil trick would put someone in a really awkward situation. This is just my theory.

  10. I’m with Markaccus on this… especially since I can’t fathom why else anyone would ever spend good money on a buttplug with a fake horsetail attached.

  11. @hootie – I found it before the repair guys got there, as I was cleaning up water from the leaking tank. Also, from what I know of the previous homeowner, it was unsurprising to find.

  12. I think someone just wanted to show of their collection. It’s a good excuse, I’ll give them that.

  13. Just incase anyone is interested – that butt plug with the hair is for a thing called “pony play”

  14. carlosspicyweiner

    I bet Romney will be finding shit like this stashed all over the White House next year.

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