Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bone Yard Work

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  1. TL;DR

  2. 1angrychick2cups

    Too funny!!

  3. I’ve done that. Oddly enough, it works well on the older ladies that work there. The guys I’ve done it to, promptly helped me like they’re experts on burying dead hookers.

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    I call fake, everyone knows you can’t actually find an employee at the Home Depot.

  5. First, true dat, Comments.

    Second, SO LAME. Oh, the doing of it might have been funny, but anyone who feels the need to tell a story like that about himself, with that level of detail, on Facebook is undeniably, unquestionably lame. And he’s so proud of himself, too. Fucking Kim isn’t helping, either.

  6. Hmmm I suppose you had to be there.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Only White guys can get away with this. If I tried this I would be arrested before I got out of the store.

  8. Nah, curly, it still wouldn’t have been funny. Given the opportunity, I’d take that chisel they just bought and ram it down both of their throats.

  9. Can I watch?

  10. I’m so bored this evening, I’m trying to stalk all you guys on twitter. Do you know there is a BritishHobo40? His tweets are protected damn it … you think he’s our Hobo?

  11. fo chisl!

  12. thickasawhaleommlette

    Having cut up many a body, it’s only the thicker bones, clavicle size thickness upwards, that you’d need specialist tools. A circular saw does the business fabulously. A mask is also a must. Bone dust in the back of throat really dries you up, or have a tasty beverage within reach – the choice is yours.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’d rather have a tasty beaver within reach.

  14. Actually, this guys stories read better than a lot of novels I have read. They really suck

  15. curly – Only one way to find out. So, who have you found?

  16. curlybap90? The Hobo one is located in Edmond OK, hmmm, the plot thickens.

  17. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @12 I find that if you cut them up alive, there’s a hardly any bone dust! Remember to apply a tourniquet before removing the limbs, since this can lead to fatal blood loss. Finish with decapitating your victim and make sure you have a vessel at hand to collect the blood that will ooze out. I personally prefer to hang the body up side down before decapitation because I don’t like a mess. Sawdust helps in case of spills.

    One word of advise, wear a full protective suit, safety glasses, shoe covers and a respirator.

  18. Of course you can watch, curly.

    I have a twitter account, but hardly use it. Just did a search then, though, and I think I found mofo

    Where is that bastard?

  19. HEY MOFO – You got yourself another follower on twitter, now stop with the raping and pillaging and get yo ass back on here.

  20. Oh I did find mofo ages ago, but he was never there so unfollowed! Someone follow Hobo and ask if it’s him lol

  21. Ok am following him again, and you too I think PA??

  22. Yeah, mofo’s absence screams foulplay.
    I haven’t been looking at the news lately, so I wouldn’t have noticed a string of disappearances

  23. Yup, sure is curly. Considered yourself followed (in a non-stalker, non-creepy, non-rapey way)

  24. wordy I have been sulking like a motherfucker, someone hackzored my blog and they won’t let me back in. In the meantime I have been mainly wanking to amputee photos

    Paranoid Your Twitter stalk has pulled me from my abject and morose bout of self flagellation. You bastard. I’d nearly shot my muck an’all!

    curly You stalkery little minx, Twitter is shit though! See if you can find me on Facefuck, I’m currently posing as a Muslim Holy man.

    wandr I’m much to subtle to let myself be caught up in a media spotlight. To avoid unwanted attention I have been steering away from ‘proper’ rape and only engaging in mild ‘finger’ rape.

  25. Stalking is what I’m good at. Twitter is great, you just need more saucy friends to make it fun 😉

  26. Right then, gotcha. Except I’m a good(ish) girl on there …. so I’ll play nice!

  27. Ah, so that’s why you’ve been missing, mofo. That’s a pain. You could always start over, I guess. Or you could use your twitter more often. You have some followers now. Actually, I thought your absence was due to the fact that you’re getting married on Friday. You are Prince Willy, aren’t you?

    I don’t get twitter, curly, but maybe it’s because I don’t follow enough of the right people. And did you find our resident spunk junkie on Facebook? He’s easy to find. No major stalking skills required.

  28. wordy I’m not Prince Willy, I’m King Cock.

    I very well might start again and Tweat and Facefuck more often, so put that in your bumhole and whistle irate internet hacking person!

  29. Yup word, too easily found – my stalking skills weren’t really required. Is that you there too?

  30. Facebook users converting to Islam en masse?

  31. The chick kissing the giant lizard? No, curly, that’s not me.

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