Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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  1. and death is what happens when I run you over in my honda accord, Josh, you pointless sack of meat.

  2. and smashed is what happens when i crush your puny import with my 75 chevy cheyenne custom
    glee is stupid

  3. Glee would be good if they didn’t lip-sync, then fans could say they could actually sing. But since they can’t, it’s a musical, and I hate musicals.

  4. Who in their right mind would brag about a 75 Chevy, christ…assuming it’s lifted, you my friend need to quit spitting your dip all over the sidewalk you fucking hick. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Honda fan either, but anything is better than a chevy, esp. my Dodge. And glee “may” be stupid, but you’re still a jew, kyle, now get down on your knees and spin my dreidel like your mom and girlfriend, I mean, sister, did last night.

  5. You just used quotation marks for emphasis. This places you on the list of people who need to die to improve the gene pool.

  6. ^nah. he was already on that. top ten list, actually.

  7. I think we missed the important part: How any singing/lip-synching/reality show sucks balls

  8. ^I thought that was implicit in my helpful observation?

  9. Also, what the fuck? The glee asstards don’t even sing the songs themselves? It’d be a shitty show either way, but now it’s a shitty show with talentless hacks.

  10. I’m looking for a picture that was posted here recently. It shows a million baby pictures and then pictures of a million condoms and says something along the lines of “what you see” and “what we see.” Totally irrelevant to the thread, but I thought it was hysterical.

  11. No, “dear”, I uset “explamation” marcs ass a shut oot tu all teh gamma “nasis” oot der! Also, “thank you” MsAnneThrope, for correcting our misled “friend” and defending my gene pool status. I’m proud to be part of our fucked up and demented generation that fucks with people, for the sheer sake of nonsense fuckery.

  12. Also, I must point out my flawless execution, for you could insult nothing more than my use of grammar and punctuation. Congratulations, you’ve managed to stroke my virtual ego, and by ego, I mean penis, and by stroke, I mean you jerked me off while I mentally imagined myself fucking one of MsAnnes felted dwarves, when all I was really doing was cumming in one of those used fuzzy socks from your laundry basket.

  13. Glee = a PERFECT example of the Earth-destroying, inhumane atrocities that white people come up with. It’s difficult to think of anything more horrible and painful than Glee. Damned mutant whiteys.

  14. I can’t believe you people are even bothering to discuss it.

  15. ’75 chevy cheyenne custom’

    That’s a very time-intensive way of calling yourself an asshole…

  16. first of all that chevy is a family heirloom i used to drive a dodge but it was like most dodges and broke down most of the time 2001 laramie almost as big a piece of crap as my friends old f150
    i dont chew i go to college and i have a girlfriend so troll on by capncocksucker when you break down ill be nice and tow your car to the junkyard

  17. ^touchy.

  18. When a Chevy blows a head gasket, and the transmission binds, it’s a quirk. When a Ford or a Dodge gets a flat tire, it’s an unreliable piece of trash.

    All makes are the same: They all suck.

  19. ^Except some (American) suck more than others. Especially a few years ago.

  20. Good lord, don’t get your penis tied in a knot. It’s not nice to talk with cock in your mouth.

  21. You’d be touchy too, if your name was Kyle.
    AND, he has a girlfriend, so your argument is invalid. Apparently.

  22. I’m keen to know which ‘college’ accepted someone with such a poor grasp of basic literary skills.
    Is he the token Down syndrome student? Do they even let them have cars?

  23. Nah, I reckon he was accepted on a boxing scholarship… Or maybe football… Or ice hockey. Shit, so many meathead sports to choose from.

  24. I think he’s telling lies because he is a fucking liar. College, girlfriend, car. Ha, he wishes. He’s just trying to make himself look normal.
    And why even say ‘I don’t chew’? Is there some sort of sub-culture thing that creates a condition of excessive chewing? Really?
    This shit is as fishy-smelling as CapnJaques’ trousers.

  25. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Clown college?

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