Thursday, April 4, 2013


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  1. That’s some serious bling.

  2. 3 months salary, hah! what are you? a janitor?

  3. Why is there a carrot coming out of the ring?

  4. DBones – the ‘3 months salary’ malarkey is a marketing ploy by De Beers. They used to say ‘1 months salary’ but got greedy. Anyone who falls for it is frankly an idiot. If you’re getting engaged, put money together somewhere to live instead.

  5. The ray of death claims more victims.

  6. Pfffft, once the ring is on, you can say goodbye to EVERY month’s salary, Rubert.

  7. I’d play with Amanda’s ring anyday. In fact I’d put my fat cock up Amanda’s tight asshole and fuck her stupid.

  8. Heh heh heh…Playing with Amanda’s ring…Heh

  9. Palmsy gets it, but 10 losers don’t. They can suck my hairy ballsack and swallow my whipped cream.

  10. beautifuldisaster

    That sketch is da bomb. Literally.

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