Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brain Wrinkles

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  1. My dick has more wrinkles!

  2. She thought this breed had reverse ribs? And ribs on its face?

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    You beat me to it, jeff.
    She believed the dog was starving because she could see all of its face bones.

  4. twistedthoughts

    Nice thinking, Nick! Nobody did this to any animal, of course not!
    It is not like this dog’s looks has ANYTHING to do with people breeding it to intentionally bring out these traits…

  5. ^Wow…
    You make me laugh
    And not in a good way

  6. Looks like a little stuffed animal. I wanna hug it.

  7. They grow into the wrinkles, but they snore really loud, and their farts are the worst.

  8. Taylor is doing the same shit with her lips.

  9. Anyone else think it would be fun to send Taylor to a fashion show with a truckload of sammiches?

  10. I agree with Taylor. Who lets these obviously miserable little creatures survive?

  11. I wonder if it hurts to be so dumb.

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