Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sign Sins

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  1. STEVER!

  2. what’s with the third one?

  3. @karrino625…taco and box are both slang terms for a vag. so saying taco and box is redundant.

  4. Haha Handjob centre. I’m sure there’s quite a market for one of those.

  5. Good ones.

  6. “Black People Show” is the title of the episode. But the rest are clever.

  7. The Amazing Race, isn’t that a show about white people?

  8. bollywood_rocks83

    Wow. You people corrupt me 🙂 I seriously thought the redundancy was the two signs. One on the wall and the billboard poking out.

    Ah well. I learn something every time I come here.

  9. Pfshish..what type of cheap twat gets their motor washed at the Hand Job Centre?!

    I always get my done at the Classy Cunnilingus Car Cleaning Centre, just a better class of service all round i’ve found.

    It’s all about those with taste and those without at the end of the day i suppose.

  10. Ahhhh…. I thought the Taco Box one was redundant because everyone goes to Taco Bell instead?!

  11. #10 wtf?

  12. Black people show…lmao!

  13. Sounds as if they are both thorough and timely at the handjob centre. Satisfaction is guaranteed I’m sure.

  14. I have that exact pic in #4. It’s in London.

  15. Indeed it is in London – at the bottom of Holland Road, near Kensington Olympia, I believe.

  16. These were all pretty good! Esp 2 and 3! Just WTF @ #2 though SERIOUSLY! o.O And @ #3, redundant indeed, but the making of funny.

  17. why is welcome in the last one in quotations?

  18. Cucina di Paolo has been a “word-of-mouth” catering business in the Treasure Valley for over 15 years. Our flagship products include fresh Gourmet Take-n-Bake Lasagnes with fourteen varieties to choose from, prepared in five different pan sizes; and good Ol’ Fashioned Chicken Pot Pies, which are carefully handmade by Mary Jean.

    Paul and Mary Jean began their business adventure in 1993 when they realized that Paul’s cooking talent coupled with Mary Jean’s ability to market was a win-win situation, hence the motto “His Talent – My Mouth.”

    I posted this and even I didn’t read it. Knowledge kills funny. I want to fuck a mouth now.

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