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More Sharp Tools

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  1. What Stretch said that Lea said.

  2. oh, and @ JoeAckney,

    ‘no man is wiser than socrates.’

    do give it a rest.

  3. alordslums, wut you on about?

    I’m surprised this site hasn’t got more trolls. Could rattle your cages all day :p

    But i still stand by what i said 😉

  4. What txiwiki said that Stretch said that Lea said…

    Do you think JoeAckney has a pool?

  5. I can sort-of understand the point JoeAckney is trying to put across; just because someone’s grammer and spelling makes your eyes bleed, does not always mean that the message contained within is not worth trying to understand.

    But seriously, she’s not doing anything to assist herself in actually communicating whatever point she was trying to make. We have adopted standardised spelling and grammer to encourage better and easier communication; if you cannot even manage the basics of this or you are not willing to put the effort into constructing proper sentences, don’t expect anyone to try to decipher your message, regardless of how deep and meaningful it is.

    That’s my position, anyway, JoeAckney. That is all.

    BTW, apologies if I’ve mis-typed anything. Why do I have to hold the Right mouse button down to type?

  6. Joe, may I refer you to such bombast tripe as:

    ‘How can I move on when someone on the internet is WRONG!’ (comment 45)


    ‘My discussion was to challenge peoples unduly perceptions regarding the dearth of her intellect..’ (comment 63)

    with reference then to this pompous and at times unnecessarily clerical language, i would like to highlight the most idiotic, conceited and irrelevant chunk of your verbal diarrhoea, in which you have the temerity/complete lack of self-awareness to start a sentence with:

    ‘Socrates himself….’ (comment 53)

    on a website that makes fun of facebook and the largely low-brow humour that it throws up.

    in light of the above, i was referring you to the most famous quote in relation to the life of socrates (as a scholar and a gentleman you’ll understand). the oracle at delphi supposedly told him, ‘no man is wiser than socrates.’ although perhaps if you don’t quite understand what i’m getting at, i’ll point you in the direction of one of his other well-known apothegms:

    ‘i only know that i know nothing.’

    i think you’d do well to bear that one in mind, joseph.

  7. “Joe, may I refer you to such bombast tripe as:”

    “bombast tripe”


    The reason behind this is simple:

    As for the rest… sorry, tl;dr.

    Next question.

  8. Frito! The new Defendor!
    watch out! he might unleash wasps on us next!

    No Joe! we are NOT Cpt. Industry!!! lol

  9. Here is the next question:

    Do you actually believe that the best thing for Chantelle is for her parents to believe her argument that the reason she is a failure is because they force her to go to school and pressher her to try to get good grades? And that if they gave her the choice of going to school or not going to school, then all the presher would be lifted from Chantelle, she would happily choose to go to school and she would start to do well?

    You say she is insightful and has a valid argument. But that is what her insight and arguments come down to – an immature, naive tantrum.

    Maybe you do believe her. But if you are an adult and think like Chantelle, then she is better off than you.

  10. @JoeAckney damn I would have liked to see the reply, damn workplace.

  11. there’s no point saying anything to that guy. he won’t sit down and take his medicine (doesn’t know what’s good for him).

    at least ben has some degree of personal integrity!

  12. Walter, that was rubbish, especially in contrast after following alordslums beautiful put-down, which made my nipples hard.

    alordslums wins.

    Miss Shegas and Soup come a close second.

    The rest of you get a C+ for the effort but an E- for delivery. Please try harder in future.

  13. I’ll take that as a “no.”

    You’re welcome everybody. Goodnight.

  14. I love that in the “flute” pic there is a guy in the background giving the facepalm, as if he knows what is going to happen.

  15. tl;dr 1st 1

  16. Ah…pointless arguing on the internet. We need a website that honors the lameness of lamebook comments.

    Oh, and Joe Ackney, from what it seems, you and Chantelle would make a swell couple.

  17. Well people, it’s been a pleasure.

    Allow me to close stating an obvious truism.

    I be rolling; you be hating.

    Word up my housebrothers.

  18. I’m sorry but Chantelle seems to be just another self absorbed teen having a tantrum.

    Firstly – one of her points is about her parents being upset at her when she is upset about not getting something that she wants. Well you can’t always get what you want so deal with it.

    Also what teen hasn’t complained about how their parents want them to do well at school? If she claims she can do well at school without her parents telling her she has to go, and telling her that she should do well because the grades are going to affect her life then she should do well with the pressure. Because I hate to break it to the girl, but when you get to the real working world you need to learn to thrive under pressure or find yourself in the unemployment line. If you want less pressure prove that you don’t need it.

    And yes respect works both way. But you can’t seriously expect your parents to start respecting you as a young adult until you show them a little respect as well.

    Also the drugs and alcohol path is taken by kids who parents don’t give a crap whether they go to school, as much by kids who parents put pressure on them. If she feels she’s getting too much pressure then perhaps she should talk to her parents like an adult instead of having a whiny behind their backs spoilt brat rant.

    Life is not made 10 times worse by parents alone even though it may seem that way to a girl who thinks the world revolves around her. If her parents are trying to get her to do well then its probably because they don’t want her to wind up on unemployment or worse.

    So I really don’t see where in any of that she has made any insightful argument other than proving she’s a whiny teen who immaturely posts her issues on facebook rather than taking them up with her parents.

  19. couldn’t resist one last gaffe, could you joe?

    ‘obvious truism’ is a tautology.

    look forward to your return when you shall, no doubt, be covering yourself in further glory.

  20. Love this site? Check out

  21. chantelle is just some typical little idiot. there is nothing insightful or intelligent about what she wrote. she’s another kid pissed she has to do things she doesn’t want to, which apparently she doesn’t do anyway,because you can at least learn the diff between our and are by just sitting in an english class. i’m not sure how anyone can see something with any substance in that paragraph,but you must be raspecting her mastakes as her people not use spell check? those little red lines mean bad,try again..

    and i love the flute,so beautiful ;]
    and watch out for those fireies,they’ll get ‘cha.

  22. Ohbabybaby

    maybe you should use spell check too, you couldnt even spell mistake and respecting right.

  23. @kaidee: The only time I condone lambasting someone’s grammar in an internet forum is when they use incorrect grammar or spelling when pointing out someone else’s grammatical/spelling error. So, kudos.

  24. suckmebeautiful

    @KaiDee: Ohbabybaby was using the words “mastakes” and “raspecting” because those are the words Chantelle used in her post. But thanks for coming out.

  25. hehe, *facepalm* for kaidee and masterprop.

    people are so eager to correct on here, that they get all adrenaliney and skip over salient bits in posts.

    ohbabybaby could have put those words in inverted commas – but to be fair it was pretty obvious she was referencing chantelle.

  26. Chantelle is just like any other teenager in the world. Kudos to her parents for being involved and trying to pound some intelligence into her. Eventually, she’ll grow out of it and “raspect” her parents for what they’re doing for her now. Hopefully.

    Caroline sounds like she should have taken a swan dive off the roof before tax payer money was wasted.

    And I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t come up in the last picture before now (120+ comments later). Remember American Pie and the whole “One time, at band camp” thing? I would feel very sorry for any guy who came after that flute! It’d be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!

  27. Whoops! That should be “flute”. Someone get that person a Baby Einstein musical instruments, stat!

  28. The world runs on assumptions, and the way that Chantelle types, I assume she’s metally handicapped in some way. What’s the point of having a valid comment, and able to write counter points, etc, when no one can read, or take seriously, what you wrote in the first place?

  29. I almost gave up on finishing up Chantelle’s post but I had to soldier on with faint hope that it will evebtually make sense, but I was severly denied that opportunity. She did make sure that it was pointed out that education is needed coz reading that was torture, to say the least. || I don’t even have words to say regarding Caroline… I mean, I’m 21 and I don’t smoke and even if I did I certainly wouldn’t order my dying around when I’m dying for a fix… Let alone call him a cunt! Wow, I can’t fathom the infinite consequences of an incident like that, lol!!

  30. [edit] Meant “infinite number of consequences…”. I thank you.

  31. I respect anybody who takes the time to read and understand something like the first post.

  32. Ah the cliffs of Moher nice.

  33. @kaidee:umm,yeah everybody else already pointed your mastake. but thanks for trying to make me look like an idiot ;]

  34. suckmebeautiful

    I got your back [b]ohbabybaby[/b]

  35. suckmebeautiful

    eww, i suck at the internets… how do I bold words?

  36. At the risk of raising the ire of JoeAckney:

    What the shit is Caroline talking about?

    And Lamebook: What the hell is up with your sudden abundance of crappy popups?

  37. I don’t know I thought it was like this

  38. But I was wrong. 🙁

  39. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lol @ walter #138

    I am sober now and after reading this entire comments section, all I can say is ‘A round of facepalms for everybody.’

    BTW lets not hate on Joe, he/she provided us with lots of entertainment that night. Fuckwad is arguing about “She is insightful for her age” and doesn’t even know her age. She was just spouting the usual teenage bullshit … and I know that cos I was a teenager a few yrs ago. Joe you need to coma back again and regale us with with your insight.

  40. What short but is Chantelle forced on?

  41. I hear the schools for people like Chantelle have arts and crafts and finger painting. Who wouldn’t want to go there?

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