Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wall Winnin’

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  1. stever!! even though its been so long abd i dont know where stever came from…used to be ben. wont ask ps last one is not original at all or very funny.

  2. I really like the pacman thing, I’m thinking about stealing it. Definitely a good win. The bud lite thing is dumb though. Obviously the slogan is just a play off the fact that the word kiss begins with the letter K.

  3. I don’t get the one with Zack. “may have it but at least he doesn’t have it.” kinda contradicting

  4. @invaderweezle

    The incredibly lame joke was that he had half way through the sentence he forgot what he just wrote. Super Lame!

  5. Yeah Meghan! You go, perpetual victim!

    Now let’s all get out there and sand down every single sharp corner in the world, so Meghan’s tight ass doesn’t get caught on them.

  6. Isn’t Mike’s from some comedian’s act?

  7. What’s this? someone attacking a fairly common disease! I have to get sympathy points for this! I’ll have you know that my dog’s uncle died of that disease and the trauma is still on my family, how dare you! Now please like this everyone, to show that I am popular and always right.

    look up the disease…

    Really though, my grandpa died of alzeimers and I can still laugh about it, meghan is an attention grabbing whore. She seems like the kind of girl who will tell the police she was raped by someone for revenge..or a laugh…I don’t know, I don’t understand how sick people’s minds work. Now has anyone seen any aging strippers interested in making a few dollars for crying and having sex in a taco bell stall, it won’t take more then a couple minutes of their time.

  8. So Kirsty is 108 years old?

  9. I love Zack 🙂

  10. …Was the Mike on on here before about Kay, or is that just a status going arond on FB at the moment?

  11. Finally! 😀

    …but gawd are all Meg’s like this?

    Meghan wrote out Zack’s full name before her point. That is very offensive. A friend of hers may have a loved one who hates people that refer to someone’s full name before disciplining them. I do. I am offended.

  12. Zack’s joke was not that funny, but the comment ha made was a bit funnier…B for effort

  13. *he

  14. @12
    Your judging of other people’s jokes is pretty good…you put in a lot of effort but you just aren’t there. I’ll give you a C+ for trying so hard.

    Giving jokes letter grades sure is funnier then trying to add anything in the comments, let’s all do it from now on.

  15. Well good gracious, Meghan, if you are so easily offended then maybe you need to keep your happy offended ass off the interwebs, maybe also throw out your television and stop leaving the house.

  16. Good idea DU.

  17. The last one is definitely an old “joke” – I think it was in a list of “observations” that made the rounds a few years ago.

  18. You do realise that some people have friends that suffer from sandy vaginas. I have and I am offended on their behalf.


  19. Get over it Meghan. My grandmother had Alzheimers and it was horrible. However, Zack is just making a joke and it made me laugh.

  20. B+

  21. Way to go Meghan. Ruin a (in my opinion) perfectly funny jone. God if everyone got personally offended at such jokes we’d all be grumpy fuckers like her.

  22. My fourth wife tried to trick me into thinking I had Alzheimer’s, she kept moving the bookmark in my porn mags forward.

    I got her back though.. she ended up believing that she was incontinent and sex obsessed…i used to piss on her and finger her whilst she was asleep.

  23. So by “forward” you mean further back in the mag right? Because if by “forward” you mean back towards the beginning of the mag then she might have been trying to convince you that you’re a psychic.

    My wife has been trying to trick me into thinking I don’t <3 boobs for 45 years and for 46 years I have trying to trick her that I only <3 her boobs. But we all know the truth, I just <3 boobs.

  24. @ imamofo, lol. There is something wrong with you, I LOVE IT!


  25. We’ve had a few of these new Facebook profile posts in the past few days. I’m failing to see the humor in the pacman one, and those other photo-tagging ones with the words and letters, I openly admit I don’t get. It’s so bizarre, because I know Keona gets them. I must be really stupid.

  26. nexus, the pacman one is subtle. It’s funny because Kirsty was a middle-aged adult before high school was even invented. And after a few assumptions relating to her interest in pacman, it’s also slightly amusing to imagine a little 85 year old asian woman excitedly jumping around her living room with a joystick in her hand.

  27. Ahh Walter do you know I completely missed the 1902 bit. I wondered, breifly, what was so interesting about the first post.

  28. @Walter,
    Got it. 1902. An old lady with a joystick. Kind of amusing. Thanks.

  29. @ mike
    You’re a poser. that saying about kay has been said 10000000xs before. its not original and you come up with it. go die in bloody hell. you suck.

  30. 1. Om nom
    2. Fuck you.
    3. Alcohol is very nice to get the juices flowing…it begins more than just kisses.



  33. Yo, curlybap, mp, Paranoid Android, Saffer, and everyone: THANK YOU. You have played an integral part in making this troll of mine my most successful ever. I mean, you guys even got trolled on ANOTHER WEBSITE! You should see the uproar on facebook (the entire post isn’t shown here, it gets funnier).

    The whole joke about me being really offended is that I’m a really easygoing person who is hardly if ever offended. Those who knew me sat back and laughed while you cyber dweebs came over yourselves talking about sharp corners and my tight ass. This troll would not have been possible without you 🙂

  34. meghantrololol, I hope your last post was the troll, because whatever nonsense your blathering about is barely more interesting than the alleged lamebook entry to which you’re referring. So congrats, you win, I think?

  35. I wish I could slap people like Meghan (second post) who get offended by anything and everything. “You can’t write ‘like an epileptic cow’, my daughter has epilepsy and it’s not funny!”

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