Friday, May 31, 2013

Breaking In and Getting Busted!

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  2. Serious run on sentence.

  3. Facebook:- It’s not your regular social network, it’s also your personal crime solver.

    And who the fuck takes their dog with them when they’re going to steal some shit? REALLY?!

  4. Wow, that took some concentration… But did I miss something? Did the old tenant leave a computer at the house the last time she broke in? The dude gave a million details that didn’t matter but left a giant plot hole.

  5. ^No asswipe. They got the previous tenant’s name from their investigation and searched the person on Facebook whose profile was open to the public and they fraped her profile and put 2 and 2 together.

  6. DAMMIT, replicarolex!

  7. Seriously, commas and dots have been invented. Use them. That post just made my head hurt.

  8. ^ Don’t blame the OP. The burglar stole his commas and periods.

  9. ^Should be happy about his periods being stolen.

  10. @Panda
    I think what happened is the lady used the poster’s computer and logged into Facebook and forgot to log out, so that is how they figured things out.

  11. ^Fucking retard.

  12. Abraham Lincoln

    No Carib, you are a ‘fucking retard’ not only was your description of events incorrect (there was no Frape involved, jackass) but I think people are tired of the fact that you feel the need to comment on EVERY DAMN LAMEBOOK UPDATE. Shut up already!

  13. Stfu and go hunt some vampires and shit, Abraham!

  14. If you’re going to do something clever, at least use decent grammar, so we can all actually figure out what clever thing you did.

  15. I think Carib needs some anal. He seems so mad. I hear anal clears things up for those full of shit.

  16. You know what…This is Lamebook, and I I CAN’T believe nobody has said this yet, but being a “full time mommy” is not a fucking job.

  17. I disagree.

  18. I can’t help but wonder if Steverrrrr is getting more thumbs up due to Elsior being so much more annoying.

  19. How so? Raising children isn’t always easy. It can be trying, time consuming, and sometimes drive you crazy, but to me, a “job” is something you get paid to do, and “mommy” doesn’t fall into that category.

  20. Hey Abe, isn’t this a democracy?

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  22. @Panda
    It looks like what happened was the old tenant was also taking any mail that was still addressed to her. She apparently didn’t manage to get a letter sent there addressed to her from Family Services or whatever agency that handles child support so the current owners decided to check to see if she was on facebook and found her there. Her profile apparently wasn’t private so they were able to look at her pictures and found out it was her when they saw a picture of her car.

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