Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brush Your Shoulders Off

Brush Your Shoulders Off

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  1. Neil Gaiman's Left Sock

    This seems like some kind of really ham-handed attempt to wring some concern/ sympathy from the girl.

  2. I think she knew and her ‘lunch ask’ was being nice.

  3. uh if you look at the timestamp, you’ll see that he said that first and then she responded…i mean his comment is still marginally lame on its own but lamebook fail…

  4. Think it’s pretty obvious even with the blurred profile pics they’re going to end up eating lunch in the presence of the colonel

  5. What does ‘wats gud sexy’ mean?

  6. @ 3 – oh heck, I really need to look at these things properly before commenting. The devil’s in the details!

  7. I sure hope he means “coming” not “cuming”. Ew.

  8. This is so wrong it’s right.

  9. this is a stupid submission. the dates show that the comments are in the wrong order and posts clearly unrelated

  10. Interesting typo.

  11. Oh wow. Dates fail.

  12. Cumming 😐

  13. @4 Fuck off, you racist.

  14. Um, excuse me, but racism is acceptable if it’s funny.

  15. i don’t see anything wrong with the order of the posts
    after he says that he got back from the funeral, she is concerned and asks how he is and if they should meet for lunch.
    what are you guys whining about?

  16. @13, shut the fuck up you kool-aid drinking Obama cock lick.

  17. lol whichever way round the posts came, he still trys and fails miserably at the “date me i’m oh so sensitive” ploy.

  18. I can still enjoy this post even when I ignore his fail. She must of REALLY enjoyed her grandpas funeral if shes doing as she says

  19. Funerals always turn me on. Something about a girl who is inconsolable does it for me.

  20. I’ve been doing it wrong all along!

  21. Apparently funerals can be orgasmic.

  22. I’d hate to be you #13 haha

  23. To put to rest the “order of the posts” debate, I would like to remind you all that THE POSTS HAVE DATES AND TIMES.

  24. ok spelling is key people, this whole comment can be taken out of context!
    And dates? how did that happen?

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