Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bryan is Busted

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  1. There are easier ways of doing screenies.

  2. If the guy dropped his phone how is he supposed to see this text? The cop just texted himself

  3. Merl that’s not a text, that’s Facebook. Hence, why it’s on Lamebook.

  4. Merl, hand in your Internet card at the front desk, please.

  5. Bryan Bradshaw. I should be a detective.

  6. Maybe I should just stick to being a thief. This detective gig is hard…

  7. If he’s anything like the “merlE” I’ve been seeing on the picture box, he not interweb-capable. Hence, stating the fake…

  8. LOL I submitted this! Rad! The criminal dropped his phone after attempting to steal a TV from Walmart. Officer Bradshaw found the phone on the ground. Bryan didn’t have any password protection on the phone, so Bradshaw opened the Facebook app and posted this as Bryan’s status. 🙂

  9. Thanks brandie, none of us could have figured out that that is what happened at all. What would we do without you.

  10. Well, it’s obvious Merl needed a little help.

  11. Good to see Chief ‘Fucknut’ Wiggam up there warning his prey that he’s coming to get him.

    Bryan’s probably half way to Mexico by now, assuming his new identity as Catarina the wronged Mexican whore with a feisty attitude and quick tongue.

  12. sack up and fight the power nancy

    doesn’t he know that if he just walks out of walmart and the alarm goes off the person always says..”You’re good!” if bryan didn’t panic he might have had himself a nice TV for his viewing pleasure for free.

  13. A quick tongue is a useful feature on a Mexican whore.

  14. until I saw the draft which had said $4434, I did not believe that…my… mother in law woz like they say truly receiving money in there spare time on their computer.. there uncles cousin has been doing this 4 only 11 months and recently repaid the mortgage on there condo and purchased a brand new Chevrolet. we looked here….. WWW,BIT40,ℂOℳ

  15. I know an OFfiCer BraDshAW. I wonder if that’s like, a standard cop name ‘er something…Fucking asshole wrote me a ticket for an “improper start” because my tires spun on extremely wet/slick black asphalt…Then he started drilling me about the last time I did cocaine…back when I was a sober pirate, well, I am again, but you’s know what’a ‘mean!

  16. Oh, yeah, and the interdiction team he called in asked if he wanted them to test a Yoohoo straw that came detached from the box. Does anyone even do coke with a straw like that, really?

  17. OK, now I feel pretty stupid and I am not merlE.

  18. Oh now, stop it you! No feeling stupid ’round here. I wasn’t try’n to hurt your feels man. At least you’re not Marley, he’s such a queer fella! Come on! Cheer up mate!

  19. I call bullsh!t on this, only because what cop says “peace out”?!

  20. ^The kind of cop that knows how to use Facebook.
    The kind of cop that doesn’t just give tickets to meet his quota.
    The kind of cop who doesn’t have a stick up his arse.
    The list is endless, idiot.

  21. 28 notifications but only one message.

  22. Fuck the police! and fuck’em even harder if they have a public profile on facebook!

  23. ^Ha! Just coz you got bitch-slapped by a boy in blue…

  24. ^yeah I know, my fault. At least they were unsuccessful in their mission and never managed to stick me with anything. Rookie finally calmed down a bit and I’m pretty much left alone now….

  25. Judging by the font, the phone is most likely running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher…. Volume Down + Power button = Screenshot.

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