Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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  1. first 🙂

  2. hmmmmm… kitchen jokes?

  3. Margaret deserved that for insinuating that her girl brain is inadequate.

  4. I want to meet the married couple in post number 3 here. They both seem to have a great sense of humour.

  5. @mad2: maybe she was switching to her boy brain because she needed to be duller, not smarter…

  6. The married couple sounds like my boyfriend and I. Ha!

  7. @ladyangora … Who let you out of the kitchen??

  8. i was BORN out of the kitchen… eh?

  9. yeah, frederick, and i’ll bet she doesn’t report any of that money for taxes now, does she?

  10. To da window /(-.-)/
    To da walll \(-.-)\
    Till sweat drop down my 
    All these  CRAWWWL
    Yeeeah 
    Down 
    Shawty Crawl show me how you *** **** *** ** **.
    in my mind this  is fine.
    I’ve came to da  bout  them times

    ugh ^ failure.

  11. Alex, the best way to tell if somebody is an adult or a child is to measure the volume of their squeal upon full insertion of your spunkhose.

  12. Penis.

  13. @cheesuschrist No way, you seem some of those really large fat 12 year olds? They won’t even know, just think it was too much McDonalds

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