Friday, December 10, 2010


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  1. Deal and by ‘girl’, I take it you mean crack-ridden whore with a penchant for farmyard animals?

  2. Yes, basically any girl from Barnsley.

  3. One of my favourite men in the world is from Kirmington, Lincolnshire – Guy Martin. Please tell me you guys talk like him because that’s how I’m reading the last few posts. Or am I miles out?

  4. Yeah, a crack whore/sheep mix rapist talking in that sexy English way is even more disturbing/interesting to imagine

  5. @curly – Yup, that’s pretty close to how I speak although just a smidgeon broader, it drives the sheep wild, “ay up yer wully sod, tha’s lucking well bonny t’neet”

  6. Even broader = even better! I’m reading them all like that from now on. Happy days hahaha. Thank you 🙂

  7. I’ve got a broader accent and deeper voice than that bike riding fellow. Imagine an asthmatic, bronchial buffalo growling expletives coarsely into your ear and you’re not a million miles away.

    We Yorkshire men may be habitual rapists but we do it in such an endearingly sexy English way that our victims tend to forgive us.

  8. @ Paranoid Android – I’m sorry, but in addition, I can’t help but to “hear” you sounding a bit depressed in my mind.
    Still, great fun…

    @ mofo – Really, you sound delicious. How about you being the victim for once? And I don’t really care if you say no…

  9. ‘victim for once?’

    That better be a bloody joke! I’ve been raped more times than Paranoids’ sheep has.

    I hate you Uncle Ken and you Dad.

  10. growling expletives in my ear FTW lol

  11. Say “bloody” again. I like that
    And then let’s revisit your childhood

    Animal cruelty is bad, though. Leave the poor sheep alone. Tsk…

  12. Ahh childhood.. innocence… eternal summers.. a carefree life spent at constant play.. gambolling down meadows of emerald green grass… touching my cousins one by one, until they cried.

    I was raised on a diet of spite and was often forced into listening to Des O’Conners’ Greatest Hits repeatedly on Weekends.

    It’s a fucking miracle I turned out to be such a well balanced and morally sound person to be honest.

  13. Good to see you, Miss. I’m nostalgic for many of the people mentioned here (and others), too. I think we all know the Lamebook is on its last legs, but hopefully, there’s still some of us who’ll keep visiting until it’s all over.

    I’ll dance as best I can…

  14. @word – don’t say that! I don’t want it to end! Some of you guys crack me up. Maybe we could find another playground.

  15. lame.

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