Monday, November 18, 2013

Busted Boast

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  1. First post after the weekend and the best you can do is Miley Cyrus? Come on LB…..

  2. And one that doesn’t make much sense either…

  3. Guessing David has never heard of ‘braille’?

  4. That’s like saying you can keep your shit together better than Amanda Bynes.

  5. I’d rather watch Miley Cyrus than I’d watch you do it, Daniel.

  6. ^He finally makes sense.

  7. I just noticed the irony of my previous comment in dogging Amanda Bynes….having the LB screename that I do.

  8. Kevin implied I am startled that any one can earn $8787 in four weeks on the internet. you could look here>>> F­­B­3­9.ℭ­O­­Ⅿ

  9. Kevin also implies that Miley will probably join the 27 club. Although I hope not

  10. I just realized why I like weekends so much.
    It’s not because of not being at work, relaxing, doing shit around the house, drinking delicious, American-brewed beer from a microbrewery.
    No, it’s because I don’t look at Lamebook at all. Not one single time.

  11. ^ yawn. You lost me at realized…

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