Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busted by the Boss…

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  2. Oh Jesus Christ, awaiting moderation.

    Revised; “First! Duurh hurr
    Ryan is a first class kuntflap.”

    Are you fucking happy now, LB?

  3. What a moron

  4. Not smart, but what he does in his own time is none of the boss’ fucking business. He’s not coming to work high, or on a drug-free contract job like mining or something? Then get off his back.


  6. Just in case ‘Buster’ spams his shit on here again, go to his facebook page (B-nix) and show your appreciation for his music, he welcomes your feedback so don’t let me down lamebookers.

  7. maybe he’s a cook.. stoners make the best pizza.

  8. @hpcan, that may be true, but their delivery skills are lacking. Sigh, I miss Gabe.

  9. @PA Done and done. He’ll get the hint eventually and delete his…just like so many idiots close their Youtube accounts for people giving them what they deserve.

  10. littleredcorvette

    Andy: it’s none of your business. Get a dictionary and STFU.

    Dude in the picture needs to learn not to do that shit on camera.

  11. “Everyone will know that I am SO cool when they see this pic. I sure hope my boss doesn’t accept that friends invite that I sent him!”

  12. vaginalroundhouse

    I can’t for the next picture, the one showing him doing the same thing but it doesn’t look like he has showered or washed his clothes in weeks.

  13. Sure, what people do on their own time is their business, but posting pictures of yourself doing drugs on Facebook is honestly just stupid. Especially if you have your boss on your friends list… He had it coming.

  14. WHY do these idiots add their bosses and teachers??

  15. A friend of mine recently added his boss and I asked him wtf he was thinking and he told me that his boss is a really pushy guy and added him and then kept asking why he hadn’t accepted his friend request at work all the time…then he started commenting on all his weekend activity and photos and it got weird…. Might not be the same situation here, but not everyone who adds their boss is a dumbass. Some bosses are just socially needy twerps who feel the need to get involved in their employees social lives.

  16. he needs to be fired over the cool kid sunglasses, nevermind what’s in the pipe.

  17. One more reason to stick to drugs in pill form… less evidence.

  18. A lot of employers won’t hire people (and I guess they can fire them too) for posting pictures like this. They don’t care what you do on the weekends, but it looks really bad if you are willing to post illegal or immoral activities for the world to see.

    Also, even if you aren’t friends with your boss, they can find ways to see what you do on social networking sites. If you have a problem with your work or with your boss, why are you even bothering to work there?

  19. @Jonjones that’s a pretty unique situation. Either way, adding your boss on Facebook is only stupid if you’re going to advertise drug use or other things that could compromise your job. Tons of people smoke pot, but only a select few idiots feel the need to post photos of themselves in the act.

  20. In a flash of warmth and amiability (due to smoking pot ironically enough), I added my boss to my friends then I remembered what an odious, tedious, unfunny twat he was and ‘de-friended’ him within the hour.

  21. In a flash of warmth and amiability (due to smoking pot ironically enough), I added my boss to my friends then I remembered what an odious, tedious, unfunny nob-head he was and ‘de-friended’ him within the hour.

  22. Ryan was aiming for cool, he hit ‘Shittywankbagger’… oooh close one Ryan better luck next time.

  23. @Jonjones
    He could have just added him to a limited profile, basically a pared down version where you decide what the person will see. Its what I do for certain family members or obligatory friend requests that I don’t want seeing my status updates or whatever. Plus he could have outright said that he did not want to mix business and pleasure. The boss cannot legally MAKE him add him on facebook. There is no way in hell I would add the person responsible for my paycheck.

  24. I’m all for smoking now and then, but that is SO stupid. I hate when people post pictures of themselves drinking/smoking/shooting up…

    It’s like

    1. You’re not the first person to do that

    2. You’re not impressing anyone-again, you’re not the first person to do that

    3. It doesn’t matter how you feel about smoking, not everyone who you are friends with (such as relatives or your boss) agree with it, and it’s illegal, so it’s best to just bring that crap upon yourself

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