Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  2. Look who’s back from the woodwork, just when I was beginning to think you were dead.

  3. Locking her child out at 12:52 PM – and I thought my 11 PM curfew was bad back when I was a teenager.

  4. jack daniels licking out cocks and eating rawmen. Guess that sums it all up. Move on people, nothing to see here.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHJcmpZsMjA

    check this music video out… unsigned artist from New jersey… search “B-Nix” on facebook

  6. Hey Buster, I checked out the video and guess what, it’s a steaming pile of horseshit. I have literally farted better songs than that. The video – is it a piss take or what ‘cos I was crying with laughter.

    Right, am off to suck Jack Daniels’ cock while licking my butt out, gotta love the yoga, oh yeah.

  7. Copied from website FUAutocorrect or something like that. So no, that didn’t “just happen” now did it. Lame.

  8. The only funny thing to me about all the autocorrect “jokes” is how simple it is to turn off autocorrect on a phone.

  9. @Wednesday: Why would you turn it off, though? Aside from the few times it messes up that badly, it’s VERY helpful. Sometimes you just gotta check what changes it’s making.

  10. Rawmen?!? The best part about that is that, if she’s eating it, she must’ve just recently opened the package. Read much?

  11. @serfis On my phone the autocorrect was very stubborn about changing things. I was constantly having to argue with it, particularly when it came to the spelling of proper nouns. It is easier to proofread than keep changing the same word over and over only to hit post and find the phone has had the last word. Maybe it’s just my phone.

  12. Weak

  13. my life might be interesting if I had autocorrect on my phone. I have swype, but that just makes up words, doesn’t correct them :/

  14. How the hell can you misspell “ramen” when it’s written on the package you just opened in very large letters? At least it is on every brand I’ve ever seen, and I lived on the shit for most of my 20s.

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