Monday, March 14, 2011

Larry Sucks

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    Larry writes well…

  2. lynchmasterflash

    Yes, he does.
    And that is the funniest thing i’ve read all day.

  3. I’m on here every day and I’ve never actually found anything worth commenting on but that was funny. Definitely made me laugh.

  4. Very good writer. I felt as though almost broke a rib because I didn’t expect the laugh I had, or because I was trying this myself…you will never know

  5. ^ And we will never care.
    This might be one of the best things ever to appear on Lamebook. I love Larry and the amazing part is this was written in English! When I saw a paragraph as long as this my eyes glazed over in preparation for the nightmare I thought I was going to have to endure.

  6. MsBuzzkillington

    Favorite part was “and I wondered if I’d be the type of lad who would spit or swallow.”

    I was definitely expecting something full of typos and 2 lyk u rs. I don’t think I fully committed into the belief that it was a good post until the end.

  7. Bravo Lamebook, Bravo! That was beyond brilliant!

  8. There are simply no words…

  9. Okay, so I’ll be the asshole here and criticize this thing. Why did he write “Lance Corporal xxxx”? This is on his profile where people know his name already, right?

  10. This is the best site ever. you can talk about facebook users anonymously!

  11. Wow, FB just redeemed itself.

  12. this is really gay. he obviously loves sucking schlong and swallowing jizz. only a pussy lil bitch boy would write that shit. cmon.

  13. This is has been floating around the internet for awhile, I saw this on Reddit months ago. This kid is not original.

  14. Who cares – it’s still very amusing 🙂

  15. “For an instant I thought of my uncle”?? I’m not a fan, and even less so knowing it’s not original.

  16. haha I am so disturbed!! Why would someome think this was okay to post on Facebook??
    Although, his use of grammar and spelling is far superior to some others We $eE oN H3r3! and for that alone, I applaud him.

  17. he couldn’t breathe because his mouth was full and nose blocked? couldn’t he just, you know, roll over and spit it out?
    so really, he swallowed because he liked it.

  18. This is the reason why I fell in love with lamebook and wanted its babies. Every so often, a gem shines in the festering pool of unfunnyness. I fully expect some woeful puns and Charlie Sheen jokes so normal service can be resumed.

    FAO: Spammers

    Fuck off, you fucking pools of rancid arse-sweat.


  19. I’m going to start Yoga classes next week.

  20. Just another cocksucker who decided to join the US army… on the plus side, if he’s blowing himself then at least he’s not blowing up any civilians.

    Improvements can be made in small steps. Next week- handjobs instead of handgrenades.

  21. #10, that site is beyond shit.

    You’re not already autofellating, mofo? You surprise me, buddy.

  22. wordy I have resisted until now based on the fact that I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.


    check this video out, unsigned artist from new jersey… search “b-nix” on facebook

  24. He had to have sucked some dick before that. The first oral I received from a mouth virgin was completely horrible. Felt like I stuck my junk in the tooth fairy’s tote bag.

  25. Today, I learned it actually IS possible to rape yourself.

  26. #20, Marines inform Marine families not Army families.

  27. That is a Marine family. No Lance Corporals in the army.

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