Friday, November 5, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

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  1. Am I first? Good carry on

  2. That’s actually quite funny. Seems like a good idea for a prank.

  3. Sweet Jesus, What are people like these days.

    Pffffft. YOU (points finger at reader) should be ashamed of yourself, Yes I saw you….

  4. richarddawkinslovechild

    This was on Sickipedia weeks ago. Lame Lambook

  5. Another Sickipedia ripoff. What’s next – status updates about borrowing books on suicide from the library?

  6. It’s funny as a joke, but it wouldn’t actually work as a prank. What happens when the babysitter sees the kid’s room, and there’s no child’s bed, toys, or clothes?

  7. Lamebook has my attention for the first time in a long time. This was good. I like the way they think ^_^

  8. You people browse too many of these type of sites no wonder it’s lame for you.

    I chuckled, wouldn’t work though.

  9. @idontknow – what’s the difference between a joke and a prank?

    I lol’d at this – i’m so thinking of doing this on my sister. Just for the hell of it hahaha it’s effing class.

  10. I’ve seen this before somewhere, unfortunately this isn’t original material.

    So when can we start talking about the Lamebook vs Facebook lawsuit?

  11. txi, the cheezeburgerers had this. But it was the same post. And they didn’t have the replies.
    As to the lawsuit, someone should probably point out to Facebook that technically speaking, they did not invent the word ‘book.’ Or ‘face.’ Or the internet, as Al Gore could confirm.

  12. @curlybap, I mean it’s a funny thing to say, or post on your facebook status, but it wouldn’t work if you actually tried it.

  13. Curlybap,
    A joke is what most comedians do.
    A plank is what most mates do.

    People get this mixed up because their mates think that they are comedians when they pull planks, they not.

  14. lol thanks guys but why would it not work?? I wish it would!

  15. And Lamebook i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you still mean prank not plank … otherwise your last line makes a whole lot of difference!

  16. Great post. I’m doing this tonight.

    Lawsuit?! WTF?

    Good luck Lamebook! We are behind you all the way! 🙂

  17. Mad2. It’s not a question of Facebook claiming to have invented the words Face or Book. You might as well say that an author can’t protect his work against plagiarism because he didn’t actually invent any of the words in his book.

  18. no no, I mean planks ;P

  19. Pedant, if you read the article they talk about facebook suing other people for having the word ‘book’ in their names. Basically it would be like Stephanie Meyer suing another author for using ‘twilight’ as a word in their book. Or if you wish, suing someone whose book was titled ‘In the Twilight of the Year.’
    In order to be infringement, you (should) have to demonstrate that the other person is actually ripping you off AND not parodying you. In the US, parodies are protected. So lamebook would be fine either way.

  20. Clearly Ryan and Logan have not thought of the oldest and best babysitter prank going.

    Tell babysitter you love her, take babysitters virginity, shoot baby making fat up babysitter, tell babysitter you love her again and that you want to have a baby with her, once pregnant deny all knowledge and call her a slag.

    9 months later there is a wee, little practical joke that i think everybody can appreciate.

  21. Ah I see mad2, thanks.
    Do you think Failbook will get a similar treatment? Has the word book in it, it’s icon is the same only a different colour…

  22. Classic.

  23. Hmm, comment moderation. Ok let’s try this again.

    Ah I see mad2, thanks.
    Do you think F4!lb00k will get a similar treatment? Has the word book in it, it’s icon is the same only a different colour…

  24. I’m surprised LB has never sued Fäilbook. Their pointed ‘original facebook fail site’ statement is, I believe, directed at them. And Fäilbook actually does the same thing as LB.

  25. Mad2, I’ve actually recently been thinking about that. When they pass each other on the street, is it a dirty looks, or does Lamebook ask PoW to hold it’s earrings and help take off it’s shoes? This is all metaphorically, of course.

  26. Here I thought planks were only pulled by first mates.

  27. @curlybap, it wouldn’t work because the babysitter would run into the child’s room to verify that he isn’t there. At which point she would clearly see that there was never a child living in that room. She’d just look at you like you were crazy.

  28. Unless you bother decorating it as a child’s bedroom, complete with clothes, toys, etc. and probably some photos of a random child around the house. But that’s a bit further than most sane, non-creepy people would go for a prank.

  29. Seeeeeen it…boring the first time…
    But glad I clicked into the comments because I’d never heard of the lawsuit…that’s very interesting. I think it’s douchey for Facebook to have started the ball rolling with threats and what not…I mean seriously. Plus I think when there is parody involved it changes things actually. Whatever, it’ll get settled out of court.

  30. WHOA, directly after posting that the “HELP SAVE LAMEBOOK” begging for money for legal fees popped up at the top of my screen. Stellar.

  31. Legal issues aside, Lamebook has needed saving long before this. It’s been flailing for quite some time now.

  32. @idontknow, you’d also have to waste money paying the babysitter.

  33. Seen it…from another site. Now, before someone jumps on me again about how LB of course just takes what they’re submitted and puts it up without checking: No shit, I know that.

    Just stating that I’ve seen it before. That’s all. It was a funny post with just the short, sweet, simple to the point of Ryan’s status alone…not the bloody comments.

  34. Actually, this prank could work…let’s say the babysitter did what they were told and did not go to check on the child, as that might disturb it. =P They would never know if there was or was not a child to begin with.

    Of course any responsible babysitter would go to check at least once before the parents returned.

  35. Logan’s feet must smell like shit, because he kicks a whole lot of ass.

  36. @idont know – but if you actually have a baby, then you organise to already have her out of the house before the babysitter gets there etc. I’m liking it.

  37. Curly, I like your idea even better! Because then you’ll have all the baby’s crap around the house so it is more realistic. Plus, infants exude this ‘rotten dogshit only worse’ smell which will permeate the house and add to the realism…

  38. The “rotten dogshit only worse” smell is when the baby throws up curdled milk – worst smell in the world lol

  39. feceshurlingmonkey

    This actually happened to me, sort of. Back in mid 70’s when I was about 14, the high school football coach (pothead) called me to babysit. His wife came home about an hour and a half later with the baby and asked why was I there? I was embarrassed I hadn’t even checked on the baby while there! Well, it never cried! But I hope her stoned husband was embarrassed for not knowing his baby was with the mom.

  40. But Keona, my point is that when you return and say the baby isn’t there, the babysitter is absolutely going to run into the room to verify that and try to look for the baby. But curlybap is so right… if you DO have a baby it could work.

  41. @idontknow I’m sorry, I misread it at first, but I agree with you and curlybap.

    I suppose just ignore my previous prattle. =S

  42. Logan needs to get laid

  43. Itz, what is PoW? I was talking about the cheezburger fail book.

  44. PoW is that crappy website that shows all those horrid pictures of abused prisoners, taken captive behind enemy lines. It was cute for about a day when it wasn’t American soldiers being mocked. Now, it’s – well Wal-Mart sponsors it, if that tells you anything.

  45. Was that some sort of obscure joke, prevert, or do you have no idea what People of Walmart actually is?

  46. I remember the last babysitter I hired….everytime i stick my knob into a petit filous yougart pot.

    She was that tight.

  47. Imamofo, you’re quickly becoming my guilty pleasure lol

  48. @curlybap: You should feel guilty and fucking ashamed of yourself too. Go to bed with no supper and no frigging yourself off either!

  49. So ashamed, I’m disgusted with myself! And go to bed ….. with you around?? I’m not stupid, I know what you’re like! lol

  50. LOL, this site is hilarious…… glad my friends showed it to me, and gave me another excuse to not have a life lol

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