Monday, March 14, 2011

Wave Goodbye!

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    check this video out if you’re into hiphop, unsigned artist from jersey. comment&share it if you like it… or just leave a bunch of negative comments if you dont. either way, thanks for looking

  2. Great. Just fucking great. Another ZERO who’s lingering the comments section just to post about his garbage.
    Buster – Fuck off and die you slimy piece of dogshit.

  3. lynchmasterflash

    Thanks Kal, nothing grinds my gears more than people who post irrelivant bullshit about completely unrelated subject matter, except maybe those who post “First”

  4. What an interesting way of spelling ‘irrelevant’.

  5. I post irrelevant bullshit just ’cause people bitch about it. But, it’s still funny. My favorite site is where stalkers talk trash about each other.

  6. lynchmasterflash


    irrelivant > irrelevant That’s one letter.

    *Add grammar/spelling Nazis to the list.

    I undrstnds wen some ppl git pissd wen sum ppl typs lik dis

    But im just not going to to spellcheck everything and i am by no means an english major. so i guess if pointing out every little mistake is your thing then your going to like me.

  7. MsBuzzkillington

    I have a feeling you made so many mistakes on purpose.

    I am not going to walk into that one.


  8. I wish I understood why people equate being an English major with being a good speller. You learn to spell way before college, so you really should have a handle on your spelling before you pick a major.

  9. I can post websites too! This is a site where you can talk about any facebook user anonymously!

  10. Whats with all the links?

  11. Some one else did it and I went and I think it’s a great site so I had to share!

  12. I believe it is properly spelled: irrelephant

  13. Oohhhhh this is a little bloody teaser ain’t it?!

    It is obviously way too soon, so instead I will say this to Thia….

    ‘In your imaginary and magical world of interventionist deities’ it was the fucking weirdy beardy omnipotent shitface who caused the fucking disaster in the first place, he’s unlikely to start bastard helping now you’ve drawn on a wave on Facefuck you moronic piss drinking cretin’

  14. lol dorks

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