Monday, March 14, 2011

Roughin’ It

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  2. I think Brian caught a break.

  3. not really, Vox. Apparently he dated her for years… how could he not see what 35 people saw and felt strongly enough to make it known. Gosh, even I have a bad feeling about her after just one paragraph. How the fuck did they stay together for years, unless he’s a serious pussy

  4. Alana is gonna “fuck up the world” of about 35 people. God, if I were Brian’s friend I would have ‘liked’ it and then wrote “LOVE LOVE LOVE this!” under her rant. What a raging douche.

    And Alycia: passive aggressive much, sweetie?

  5. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Wow, Alana sounds so charming, I’m shocked that Brian broke up with her. Shocked, I tell you.


    check this video out if you’re into hiphop, unsigned artist from jersey. comment&share it if you like it… or just leave a bunch of negative comments if you dont. either way, thanks for looking

  7. lynchmasterflash

    Think you’re at the wrong site buster, this is lamebook, not check out something completely unrelated to the subject in which you most deffinitely came to lamebook to view.


  8. littleredcorvette

    Alycia needs to move on. It’s obvious Nathan already has.

  9. Recruiting people to make sure your boyfriend doesnt bang the girls hes already cheated on you with……these kids are going to make it.

  10. Charming people.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Do I even need to say “Fuck Monogamy”?

  12. I know where Nathan is coming from, whenever I ream out a fuckpiece with a human growing inside of them I always worry that I’m going to dickbutt the poor little fucker right in that soft spot they all have on top of their head…. no wonder he heaved one into Lulu.

  13. CommentsAtLarge

    Run Brian, bitch is crazy!!

  14. /facepalm

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