Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dream On!

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  1. Couldn’t wait for more than 2 seconds to share your witty post with the rest of the world could ya?


  3. Why would someone dream about prostitutes? Why can’t the poor neckbeards dream about regular women? Isn’t that the point of dreaming; to project an ideal situation while your body slumbers? I don’t know, I guess living a pathetic existence for as long as they have could have changed the way they look at things. Women become objects. Why go through all the trouble of courtship and meeting her parents when you can just shell out a few bills to thrust around a bit and send ’em packing! That’s the only sense I can make of what he said…sad that it would come to that, really…

  4. Every man wants to marry a prostitute; however, he wants to marry her on the first day of the job.

  5. I think the self-submitting fucktard is confusing prostitutes with porn stars. What an arsehole.

  6. ^That actually makes pretty good sense. Good call!

  7. Really, beatus? Kind of like Alabama Worley?

  8. capn said;- “Isn’t that the point of dreaming; to project an ideal situation while your body slumbers?”

    I don’t think your education was very good.

  9. So, Ms. Are you insulting my possibly improper use of grammar? (not big on semi-colons), or are you not sure about something I said, confused, perhaps? Could it use clarification? Rather it could have read, an ideal subconscious situation in your mind? Why don’t you share your opinion on the subject instead of being such a negative sour-puss. I’m sure there’s at least one person in this thread interested in what you have to say. But, if you want to be a grouch, go ahead, your choice. I won’t try to stop you. I’ll just play along, like usual.

  10. you’re such a dick.
    I would like to know, however, wherever it was you learned (sic) what the ‘point’ of dreaming is. Because I was unfamiliar with whatever it is you are about to pull out of your ass on this subject.

  11. Ms., that’s exactly why I wrote that in the form of a question, because my opinion is subjective, and may/may not be shared by others. By wording my statement in that form I protect myself from having to defend or produce facts to back it up, because, as an opinion it requires no valid source. 🙂

  12. ^or, indeed, any substance.

  13. I dream of Jeanie.

  14. Now you get it! That’s exactly right, Ms.!

  15. not quite sure why you seem so proud of that.
    bloody hell, I’d be mortified.

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