Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Sayin’

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  1. This whole post was a waste of my time.

  2. 2nd?

  3. I don’t understand Gabriella.. How did she ruin his life, if she didn’t even give him the herpes? And how would him texting her mean that she did? And 1 am really isn’t that late..

    Oh and I kind of read pablo’s comment with a spanish accent.

  4. Dale is full of shit.

  5. Now THIS is very lame.

  6. It was just Gabriella subtle way of telling all her sexual partners to have themselves checked. IT’s the new announcement norm I think.

  7. I think Brady meant to say he whacked off INto the McDonald’s soap dispenser. Otherwise, it seems like he’s lying on his bed, fantasizing about the soap dispenser.

  8. You know when the soap dispenser has soap in it, you know this because of the clear window on the front, but you are pumping, pumping, pumping and pumping and nothing is coming out. I believe that that is what he is referring to… Not whacking into or fantasizing about…. Harumph, but that is just me..

  9. pandainspandex

    The longest poop ever was 26 feet long. True fact. I read it on the internet just yesterday!

  10. No way in HELL would I drink ANYTHING out of a mug with a picture of shit on it.

  11. thisisnotanexit

    AHAHA!! I had a similar experiance once! My friend texts me one night that my ex is at the strip club she is waitressing at and then went home with the nastiest stripper there. I was with my husband by then so I could not care less. Fast forward about a year and I am 7 months pregnant. Because I am pregnant I have been tested and cleared for all STD’s and their antibodies. I get an email from him calling me a dirty slut for givng him STD’s. Yes plural. I email him back and tell him I am pregnant and clean! Now I only hear from him on my birthday.

  12. I think this is the singer/songwriter Gabrielle… you know, the one with an eyepatch?… Any way if the disfigured poptart has not got an eye, what else is wrong with her? I wouldn’t trust her fuckhole as far as I could throw it… I’d still curl one into her back door though.

    We’d be like Edam and Eve.

  13. Shouldn’t Drew’s name be blurred out in the first post…or maybe Gabriella works at LB 😉

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