Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Level 41 Swagger

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  1. So, this is, what? The coloured folks version of Dungeons & Dragons? Mafia Wars? A new zynga game maybe?

  2. What a pile of shit, that was. Can I just have the last 30 seconds of my life back?

  3. I like Simone’s boobies.

  4. Back home, 41 is the number that identifies homosexuals.

  5. Why is Satan taking pictures of Shoskid’s swag numbers?

  6. Fake swag.

  7. shoshkid was 1 number away from the perfect answer.

  8. we have a brony

  9. No bekaxmay, this isn’t fucking 4chan, no ponyfags here. Why would you even bring that shit here? Huh? You a spy? Why don’t you meander back off to /B/ with that swill and assert your pathetic sense of marianismo there. Your new here, I can fucking smell it on you, now get back below deck and wash that filthy fucking language off your tongue before you end up swimming with the fishies, dear. And please, check that bullshit at the proverbial door next time. I would appreciate it.

  10. fuck you bekaxmay, you made me google ‘brony’. What a waste of my time. Who the fuck gives a fuck if adults are in to my little pony? They’re not hurting anyone are they? They’re not trying to convert non-MLP lovers into loving MLP? No? Well shut the fuck up then.

  11. oh. look. the world’s longest set-up for a stupid fucking chris brown joke.
    is rhianna on staff at lamebook hq?

  12. Fucking awesome. I just love when a newcomer trolls on by.
    I can’t believe I just opened another tab in Google just to see WTF a brony was (before reading frankie’s comment). What a stupid fucking thing in the first place; and in close second, how the fuck does brony have anything to do with the retarded post?

    Maybe I’m possibly reading too much into this.
    Fuck you.

  13. Nothing, Nails, They have absolutely NOTHING to do with this post, or anything else on lamebook, for that matter..

  14. I believe that Jay up there, with the “brohoof/unbrohoof” Facebook language is one of those sad, sad Bronies.

    And now I’m angry, because I had to research Bronyspeak to verify my assumption… I have no way of again becoming ignorant of such terms as: ponify, CANTERLOCK and parasprites 🙁

  15. so capn’s furiously masturbating himself all over this thread like a jacked-up lemur was entirely without any basis whatsoever?
    just an uneducated, half-cocked rant?

    oh my.

  16. ^ Unbelievable, I know.

  17. Wish Chris Brown would punch Drake right in the brain stem and turn him into a vegetable for life for inventing that “YOLO” shit.

  18. No, it has basis, Ms. It was a poor attempt to cover up and shield lamebook from that filth and get people to stop looking into it any further. Obv. I failed, because Bacchante wanted to be cute up there and play detective! 🙂

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