Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do the Terminator!

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  1. He won’t be back!

  2. Suck my fucking balls. Everyone who leaves a reply below this is a dirty fucking child molester.

  3. Crap…I had no idea. Guess if better go register now…

  4. Id*

  5. Steeever is the shower curtain. Always sticking to your leg.

  6. Oh Noobsauce, if you’re too angry your balls just drop off!
    Why are you full of angst, my friend?

  7. **your balls might just drop off!

  8. Stever’s not the shower curtain. Stever is the semi-gaping, fume-blowing, hairy asshole that results from squatting down nude in the shower.

  9. So you’re in the shower “visualizing” other men? Yeah, not gay at all.

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