Monday, September 23, 2013

The Power of the Pyramid

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  1. I bet you also have a BMI of 70 you slug and body odor from the sweat patches that are breeding mutant yeast in your rolls

  2. Tammy, you lying, fuckin’ piece of shit, nobody can resist the sweet grease of that lovely pizza Steve is posting.

  3. YorkshirebornNBread

    yeah, Steve is trying the ole “I’m a veggie too babe, look cheese and tomato…wanna share?” Smooth

  4. chendfvdfvfd

  5. You know what that pyramid needs? Some motherfucking heroin that’s what!

  6. What? Not healthy enough?

  7. It needs weed. Weed is always before pizza.

  8. Weed is good too, I don’t discriminate…just don’t ever mix the two…it ruins my high….gotta give it all up soon thpugh….mostly for this trip I’m planning….

  9. Weed and Heroin are both plants, and I assume would be included in the “Medicinal Foods” at Very the top of the vegan pyramid.

  10. no cocktail party would be complete without the ice plant.

  11. I’m mostly vegetarian, I say mostly because I do eat pussy!

  12. my Aunty Brianna got an almost new red Jeep Cherokee
    SUV from only working part time on a computer… go to this website…..

  13. So where are you going Capn?

  14. gg indeed, Nancy.
    gg indeed.

  15. I’ve got a job lined up I’m pretty sure I can get…Kinda want to save up some cash and head to upstate New York to be closer to my girl (long story…maybe for another time, not one I’d care to post on lamebook if at all…lol)

    I’d like to save up enough to get me a small place to shack up long enough to find work up there…Realistically it probably won’t happen for about a year because I don’t want to go and not have the money set aside for a backup/escape plan…and I’m not much for traveling north in the winter, either. Besides…I never was one to stay in one spot for too long…always kind of enjoyed moving around.

  16. Nancy’s Aunty is a cam-whore…I’m sure of it! …and how is ALMOST getting a new Jeep impressive? She STILL doesn’t have one? For that kind of money she’s either doing something illegal or getting nekkid!

  17. I wonder if Lamebook advertisers spam the spammers website?

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