Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gesicht Buch

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  1. 1st!

  2. The swastika looks like the Hindu one,so fail?

  3. The first one isn’t ironic at all. The German club would probably talk openly about the Holocaust and encourage people to go see that presentation… Unless the lameness is implying that having these two posters together is ironic?

  4. nope its the nazi one

  5. Good shouts, bolly and blahboy.


    I liked the Princess Diaries post, but beyond that Lamebook has been dry for a long time. Gutting. People still suck: how can Lamebook miss the suckitude?

    What have we become?

    Also disappointing is the prominence of the circle jerk playground clique on here.

  6. Got to be Americans.

  7. Bollywood, it says Fuhrer – he wasn’t hindu.

  8. The nazi swastika is 4 Ls, the Hindu Swastika is written the opposite of Ls and has dots in the spaces, so really it’s neither, but closer to the Hindu (original!) version.

  9. @Bolly – Ja Wohl, I say yes! But the Nazi Swastika is but a contrived replica of the Hindu swastika. So I say, what the heck!

  10. That cupcake looks mighty delicious though

  11. That’s not irony, you dick. That’s nothing LIKE irony. It’s just… it’s not even a coincidence. It’s just a thing. A thing that’s happened. And not even a particularly interesting thing.

  12. @ao1chtra

    Circle jerk playground clique? What playground is that!!! And just ignore them when they get all hot and bothered for each other and spend 100 posts espousing their love for each others junk, it’s obviously not meant for you anyway. I tend to skip over any of their posts that include the words @, that way my eyes won’t be visually assaulted.

  13. @Hobo

    I love your junk.

  14. Who gives a fuck? Hitler or aishwarya rai, I’d fuck up a truckload of those cupcakes right now (it’s a holiday here tomorrow so that means today’s friday and I’m high)

  15. @ sideshow, u r usually funnier than the posts.

  16. ‘Irony’ is becoming one of those words that’s almost ALWAYS used in the wrong context, the irony of this being that it pisses me off.

    …Heavens to Betsy lamebookpro, you sound like my ex. Happy early Republic Day.

  17. Also, I love alll a yo junks. I don’t discriminate.

  18. Hobo, I love you

  19. @ junebug, your ex sounds like we could lime 🙂

    HRD to you too, try not to get washed away on your way home 🙂

  20. @a01chtra

    Not as disappointing as the prominence of the America bashing, but I guess that would be a personal opinion.

    Junebug, you’re totally right about the misuse of irony – sadly I am guilty of it a good half of the time…

  21. @pro Oh roads are flooding? Thanks for the heads up. It’s deceptively sunny outside my window.

  22. yup. sunny again but we just had one of those freaky, lightning and thunderstorms and the usual flood pics popping up on FB

  23. For the record I am pretty sure the Germans did a few things other than the holocaust that might be discussed in German club.

  24. oh, I want to be part of the Circle jerk playground clique!

  25. In a circle jerk clique, do you whack the dude to your right or left? And is it still gay if you don’t blow a load?

  26. If it’s a circle jerk clique, does that mean no females allowed? Cuz I want to join 🙁

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    onehandedjack how about everybody stroke both the left and the right so you have all hands on deck and then Junebug, You can stay in the middle of the circle and the clique can turn the circle jerk into a bukkake. That way it won’t be gay, it will be just like a mutual masturbation threesome at a party that got out of hand.

  28. Sounds like my kinda party.

  29. can we get june to lie in a casket and play dead? or else i’ll never come and then i’ll have to eat the wankbiscuit…


  30. I don’t mind playing dead for you alord, but I’m going to have to insist I lie on a merry-go-round. Let’s not forget the theme here kids.

  31. Why do people always thinks it’s weird when there is something about Germans and Jews? Don’t they realize “German” and “Jewish” are not mutually exclusive designations?

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