Friday, July 6, 2012

The Pain

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  1. Just wait ’til your father comes home.

  2. Serves him right for being a fat cunt and trying to eat it on the grill.

  3. ^I didn’t want to laugh at that because seriously, you’re kind of a jackass to me, but shit. Funny is funny.

  4. Thanks teeko. At least you got in before residential offender MS did.

  5. Damagecontrol, I do not “get it”.

  6. ^we know 😀

  7. you are all poofs aren’t you <— see how i used your stupid word from across the pond? <— there i did it again

  8. T1000 I’m assuming you cannot process human humour at overwieght people.

    Hungover hero howbout you fuck off back across that pond and do something hang yourself over. <<<< see what I did there?

    You dickhead.

  9. Haha, that burger is going to be shit later.

  10. Hang myself over what? You didn’t finish the sentence you wanker. Or are you making a play on the word hungover? If that is the case I will happily oblige, it is friday night after all. I’m going to drink way too many Budwisers, maybe a few shots of Jack Daniels, and eat a triple cheese burger which I will enjoy at the time but not remember in the morning until I vomit while playing basketball. Thank you for the suggestion, and good try taking a piss out of me…..I give you the American number 2 with my thumb facing me.

  11. About the only good thing mentioned there was jack Daniels. The amount of budwisers needed to get drunk is pathetic. That shit is water and explains why you yanks think you’re fucking heroes when you talk about how much you drink. MS’s piss would have a higher alcohol content than those fucking weak water budwisers. As for the finger connotation I always thought it was just the middle one. You may as well put your thumb back up your arse if that’s the one I’m thinking of mister I’ll get drunk on tap water then eat a cheeseburger while thumbing myself. Make sure that when you throw up tomorrow your boyfriends ok with you doing that on his cock.

  12. ^You seem to know the subtle nuances of homosexual intercourse there.

  13. Doesn’t he Hawkbit? As well as the alcohol levels in MS’ urine? What is your next google search going to be damage? How to give a blowey to a T1000? Or will it be what is a teeko and how to stick your dong in it?

  14. What the fuck IS a teeko, anyway?

  15. What the fuck is a hungover hero?

    Obviously some cockhead that thinks he’s a man for getting drunk on tap water, then using google to figure out sexual terminology.

    Anyone that’s fucked a women in the arse would’ve put their thumb in at one point methinks hawkbit :). The ex would rather me lube it first instead of friction burn 🙁

  16. I found most girls I’ve been with prefer my middle finger…it offers more…uhh…wiggle-ability!

  17. Well said capn

  18. @15 Although Hero has shitty taste in beer, he still owned your ass. And your attempt at damage control just made it worse. How ironic. My advice; change your username to prancingtit and start over. Asswipe.

  19. Sadly enough rightbrain he owned fuck all. He probably doesn’t even own that poor excuse for beer that he drinks. Or that finger.

  20. damage, I find it insulting that instead of coming up with something funny to say about me you used the same google sex bit I said about you. You then went on to tell the lame book world that you USED to have a girlfriend. Good for you damage, good for you

  21. Anyone would think you’ve never had a ex partner hungover.

  22. “something that I love so much” …he should be grateful he took the time to indulge in some foreplay and didn’t just ram his dick into it / ram it up her vagina.

  23. Nothing wrong with a little homosex.

  24. carlosspicyweiner

    I forget, why did we help the British in WWII?

  25. Lies crane, LIES! EVERYT’ING is wrong with homosex, unless you’ve got a vagine, then it’s ok. Oh, and thanks DC.

  26. Correct^.

  27. Unless you’re stuck for months on end on a pirate boat with only saucy little twink cabinboys for company, eh Capn?

  28. The british didn’t need your help you pig arse yank. That’s like saying why have USA invaded every country that even says boo to them now. They’ve started more wars and lost more since ww2 ended.

  29. Incorrect^.

  30. The British were one of the most ruthless and horrific oppressors in history. The only reason they don’t behave that way anymore is because they can’t. They aren’t operating on some higher moral plane than the Yanks, just a far more feeble military. Bush was an asshole but Blair was tossing his salad. And Carlos, STFU before I call the INS. The Brits in WWII were a noble lot who saved as many Yanks as vice versa. Doesn’t anybody read anymore?

  31. Hey, what those boys do below deck is their own business, I won’t get mad. I got me a couple wenches on the side.

  32. Damage. You are clearly an idiot. I recommend not showing up anymore

  33. And it is ass, not arse.

  34. Canadians win every war they battle in.

  35. carlosspicyweiner


  36. Agreed t1000

    As for you hungover. Depends onwhat side if the pond fuckwitt. America spell their words differently compared to the rest of the world. And an ass is a member if the donkey family so fuck you and you high handedness.

    @ rightbrain you are correct on several points truth be told. Let’s not forget the oppressions of the Spanish and how the Americans nearly wiped out the native Indians, class schisms “black/white”.
    Every race has it’s dirty secrets wouldn’t you agree?

  37. Sigh *on what, * spells, *of *your *points, *Native
    You are an idiot, regardless of your location. Please spell correctly and use proper grammer, FUCKTARD.

  38. ^*grammar.

  39. Haha, God dammit. I deserve that.

  40. Sorry hack. I had just woken up and it’s hard to type properly while making a coffee. Accept my grammar apologies.

  41. I’ve heard it’s also difficult to type properly while masturbating, but you seem to do it rather well.

  42. Have you been looking through my window again beatus? I thought I told you last time knock before you peek

  43. carlosspicyweiner

    Damage, Americans didn’t do anything to the native Indians that they weren’t already doing to themselves, we were just a lot better at it.

  44. So that’s how you justify genocide.
    I guess Hitler and Stalin are your heroes then?

  45. @36 Agreed. Absolutely. However, as far as black/white issues, slavery has been around for over 2000 years–America eradicated it in 100 years. America’s like my little brother–I know it’s fucked up and has some serious problems but when others pick on it–especially those from nations with far more blood on their hands–I get a little testy. Hey, I love London–second only to New York. Peace, dc.

  46. peace it is rightbrain.

  47. I thought you had more substance than that, rightbrain3.
    so disappointed right now that a little tear leaked out…no, I was just yawning.

  48. ^That I’ve disappointed you is causing a pain in my stomach so deep that…oops. Never mind. It was just gas.

  49. *petrol.

  50. ^ 🙂

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