Thursday, February 14, 2013

Busted on Valentine’s Day

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  1. As the unofficial Grinch who stole Valentine’s Day, I enjoyed this.

  2. No wonder she is still single!!!

  3. The cupid (matchmaker) in me wants to hook her up with that sad guy who faked his girlfriend on Facebook. He grabbed pics of a restaurant meal and claimed she made it for him, ect.

    These two would be the perfect couple.

  4. I guess the answer to her question would be no one.

  5. If I was her, I’d print that image up poster sized and then take a photo of it on my door step. That’d show them.

  6. I bought a Valentine’s Day card for everyone at our local Tourette’s Society.

    It’s the thought that cunts.

  7. What do fat women get for Valentine’s Day?


  8. What a mess to sort out. I can’t believe I’ve mixed their Valentine’s Day cards up.

    The girlfriend now thinks I love her and the wife thinks I want to fuck her.

  9. She probably explained to them why she posted the internet website photo and not the smashed, wilting bouqet they got. But The douchebag brigade thought it best to crop out her reply and send it to LB.

  10. I got one of those in my inbox this morning, too!

  11. #9 is Michelle.

  12. OK, so I’m thinking no one can actually be that dumb. What I’d really like to assume happened was, her camera/phone was broken, so she looked for a stock photo on google of what she basically got on her doorstep and put that on FB. I’m hoping for the best here.

  13. My first thought was that she just didn’t have a camera, too. It makes me feel better to think people can’t be that dumb.

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