Thursday, August 21, 2014

By Any Means!

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  1. Genious! Build your own plates in tin-foil!

  2. A little Alzheimer’s never hurt anyone, or did it? What were we talking about? Suzie? Is that you? Where’s my pants?

  3. Planet Earth loves you.

  4. Only poor people on the bread line or incredibly dull fuckers who can talk about the inside of a ping pong ball for two hours eat corn flakes.

    To reiterate Corn Flakes are for boring poor people. Jazz up life by eating Coco Pops.

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  6. I think washing a cereal bowl would have taken less time than lining it with foil.

  7. Won’t do dishes, but will wash utensils. Why not wrap the spoon in foil as well?

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