Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caleb, You Want a Job at Lamebook?


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  1. Yes. Yes I do want a job at Lamebook.

  2. Caleb rules! That is the funniest!

  3. Hah! Good call, Caleb. Way to correct the suicidal girl.

  4. Caleb you are awesome

  5. That is one of the funniest responses I have ever seen. I am not normally one to joke around when it comes to suicide, but seriously- are people that desperate for attention that they have to [probably pretend to] threaten suicide over Facebook?

  6. This is the funniest thing ever. I’ve looked at this several times, every time laughing my ass off.

  7. […] [lamebook.com] […]

  8. … i gotta say, i kinda LOVE caleb… aolt.

    classic caleb, just classic!!! 😀

  9. Speaking as someone with personal knowledge on the subject, this girl is not serious. Being this public about your intent does not = actually having the intent in the first place. E-mails to your closest friends about what you’d like them to have or suddenly seeming cheerful after months of being gloomy are the truest indicators of real intent and a definite warning signal for intervention, but this? Not even close. So Caleb, thank you.

  10. Its a fake status anyway…a bunch of accounts were hacked and this was one of them

  11. truly deserving of a laugh. well done sir.

  12. I just figured she was getting the hell outta dodge and moving away somewhere…lol!

  13. Caleb is the man!

  14. i love you Caleb.

  15. excellent Caleb! that kind of crap deserves to be ignored

  16. first out loud laugh lamebooks brought me in weeks….dead pan as f*ck love it

  17. I was disappointed when I realized it was Caleb who sent this in… meh

  18. I love Caleb!!!!

  19. Oh my. I laughed a while at that one. Caleb, you’re both a dick and pure win. You are my hero.

  20. Caleb for president!

  21. why’s everyone sweatin caleb?

  22. Herd mentality, katehecurst. How else can you explain bell-bottoms?

  23. Dude, fuck Caleb. FUCK IM.

  24. Ditto, ak. Lame.

  25. Eh, Caleb wrote that just to submit this so meh 😐

    Also, this is a great way to have a concerned friend call the cops/ambos to your home.

  26. Caleb’s a fun guy.

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