Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can’t Handle It

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  1. There goes another wisp of faith for humanity…

  2. There goes another fake for lamebook.

  3. That’s my type of woman! Holding vodka with one hand and her boob with another. Anyone know her destination?

  4. I’m gonna hazard a holding cell for about 36 hours.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I don’t care about the fat content of that woman’s body, I will take a couple of shots to help her out.

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  7. I’d have given her a full cavity search in every hole. With my dick.

  8. Thuthukile Urania Mkhize

    No Dislikes so far – I like

  9. randyritraj, so you’re saying…if you worked as airport security, at that airport, in that terminal, on that particular day, and she somehow gave you consent – though I guess she’d be drunk, you would take her home (out of hours remember) give her a good seeing to? Seems realistic. That or you’d rape her.

  10. That’s just sad. I’ll save a spot for you in rehab, sweetie.

  11. Seriously, has nobody done that before? At that time of the morning?

  12. She wasn’t planning on drinking that amount of vodka at 7:30 in the morning. The ridiculous rules set by airport security and/or the airline prohibited her from taking it with her on-board the flight.

  13. ^ They don’t want her to bring her vodka on board because they want to sell their vodka to her on the plane.

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