Monday, July 2, 2012

Case in Point

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  1. Nice to see she corrected her spelling mistake.

  2. My head hurts.

  3. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Hi Teeko, nice to see you’re recovering so quickly. I read what happened to you on MsA.’s page, truly sorry for your loss.

  4. I terminated teeko.

  5. I’m not sure what MsA’s page is or what loss I suffered but thanks.

  6. @Deviant – I agree. Her poor baby has nun much to emulate in life.

  7. I don’t care how unintelligible or how uneducated April is. I don’t even care how many no-hope babies she spits out.. that ear come back is priceless.

  8. Indeed frankenstein. I’m going to start using that one.

  9. has the bleeding stopped, teeko?

  10. Wow. I would like to point out that Alisha said could of instead of could have. I also think she should understand that not everyone has ”loving” family members and money for babysitters. I hope that snobby heifer chokes on an onion.

    People should have to pass an I.Q. test and get licensed to reproduce.

  11. I might have found this post more amusing if:
    a) it wasn’t fake
    b) Alicia, being such a smarty pants about education, hadn’t used “could of”

  12. I didn’t finish high school. year 11 was far too fucking boring, and the school day started way too early.
    I went and laid on a tropical beach and got drunk for ten years instead, and then went straight into uni.

    true story.

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    Initial statment:
    “No fed our nun and dnt no one see me askn anybody how will you like that.”

    Revised statement after request for clarification:
    “no ged or nun and dnt no one see me aken anybody what they would like with that.”

    That was my favorite part. It’s like April thinks they’re having a vocal conversation and Alisha just didn’t hear what she said the first time, and repeats it verbatim. Mind-mindbogglingly stupid.

  14. As far as the ear comeback, I took it to mean that April actually only has one ear.

  15. Pardon me, I meant Alisha only has one ear.

  16. Why is it that the absolute scum of our societies, (those who disrupt classmates, fail school, drop out, collect benefits, make ugly babies, collect more benefits, blame society etc) are the same people who assert the noblest lifestyle?

  17. just two things to expand your feeble mind, Herpes, then I’ll leave you in peace. I know you’re a very busy woman…

    1) I figured dreary & sanctimonious, humourless cunts, like yourself, to be the absolute scum of our society. and frankly, I couldn’t give a shit what you do with your life to atone for that.

    You could build a fucking orphanage for gay crippled kids and you would still be a dreary & sanctimonious, humourless cunt.

    2) Just what the fuck is the ‘noblest lifestyle’ you judgemental, small-minded gutter slag?
    And who is asserting anything of the sort?

  18. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh K

  19. Aha Anne, I’ve told you about not arguing with the adults here have I not? Now why not go back to your council flat, smother your tiny penis in lube, masturbate some more, then cry yourself to sleep?

    Whatever you do, just keep it legal Anne. No animals, children, relatives, or appliances.

  20. ^hah. it thinks I’m ‘arguing’ with it.

  21. I dun kno wut APrils problim is…butt I laffed win she sad punt cuz it rimes wit cunt…hehehehe…so qute…I dum tink shees gon b flippn brgers…butt shees def gon b wrkin 4 tips kna mean? She a lil ho dog! gon round makin babis n shit!

  22. pretty sure april’s problem is dyslexia, compounded by being genetically stupid.
    alisha’s problem, in addition to being genetically stupid herself, is that she’s a delusional cunt – which is infinitely worse.

  23. Which brings us to what Anne’s problems are: balding, lonely, unemployed, uneducated, inbred, goofy, antisocial, angry, depressed, desperate for attention, erectile dsyfunction, one testicle, animal fetish, has no friends, … did I miss any Anne?

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  26. no Herpes. you are good at running races. and you look good in red.
    what a special soldier.

  27. I have quite a bit of experience speaking with the lower castes, so I think I can translate:

    I was once with baby, but it dropped out. Nobody fed our Nun, but you wouldn’t see us asking for your sympathy. But if worse came to worse, perhaps I would take it upon myself to do so. As long as I don’t see the Nun, I can make some money. You should really stop and reconsider what you make a habit of punting.

    P.S. What I mean is, God.

  28. I fucked April.

  29. #26: Whoops, was that another senior ‘moment’ from old Anne?

  30. go for gold, son.

  31. Anne, although you are old enough to be my parent, you are not. You see, throughout your sad, lonely existence, nobody else on the planet has found themselves in the sufficiently desperate, worthless state of mind necessary to procreate with you.

    Plenty of fish in the sea Anne. Just not for you though, you shouldgo fuck a dog.

  32. captaincaveman

    Oh dear, look like MsAnneThrope is trying to act smart on the internet again. Trying being the key word. In truth you’re just another bore who is so insignificant you’re trying to make a name for yourself on here. How very dull of you.

  33. Not just “could of,” but “could of GONE.”

    ¿En serio? No one else picked up on THAT?

  34. Sorry. “could have went.”

  35. Could of went should have been could have gone.

  36. Yeah, I saw that too, beatus. But then I was distracted by all the love and encouragement in the comments section…


  37. I really don’t understand some of these comments.
    It seems like herpes, and whatever that flea-bitten neanderthal is that wandered in, think I’d have any respect for their poor butthurt. And I just don’t.

    Think of me more as your delinquent father, herpes. I split the second I saw your mother’s face by the light of day and I never sent you one, single birthday card.

    I now bathe by the bright light of your anger, hurt and betrayal and confusion.

  38. Actually, the first thing I thought when I read the original post was, “Hear, hear!”

    But then I read all the comments and my brain glazed over. So much lust.

  39. ^I too enjoy the occasional glazed doughnut.

  40. ^ Glazed are the best! But sigh, it’s rare I eat a doughnut anymore. Wish to be a kid again and eat whatever the fuck I want.

  41. possibly the lamest thread ever

  42. ^ Now it is…

  43. escapedlunatic

    Msanne, are you really as bitter and angry as your online persona would indicate? Or is this all an elaborate character, like Borat. Either way, I would very much enjoy engaging in a hateful, vindictive back and forth with you. I’d like to start: You’re a shit-snorting waffle cuddler and you probably engage in intercourse with unconsenting circus animals!

  44. come to the party when you have something decent to put on. you’ll only feel foolish and out of place.

  45. lalalalal


  46. What the hell is April trying to tell? (And that “no onions on Bic Mac” made me lol.)

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