Monday, July 2, 2012

Spider Drama

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  1. I hate arseholes who quish spiders.

  2. God fucking fuck. My bf switched from Time Warner to Fios and it SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is fake. Spiders do not have feelings.

  4. ^ Random, but I guess that fits the flow of lamebook, so I’ll bite: I love my FiOS; I’ve had it for almost 3 years now. The end.

  5. that was for nyc bunny… don’t be an ass and step in on my comments, t1.

  6. Fios Manhattan – I want to stab someone, it’s so slow. He got it so he can stream the Giants baseball. REALLY?!?!!??! Who gives a rat?????

  7. I am apologetic, Nails.

  8. Spiders don’t just have one baby, they have legions, and they will EAT HIM ALIVE!!!

  9. Kamarate

    “I hate arseholes who (s)quish spiders.”

    I concur.

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    All spiders should be squished.

  11. I’m not brave enough to squish spiders. I have to stand a couple of meters away and unload half a can of bugspray on the fuckers.

  12. “My girlfriend told me to grow a pear… What the hell does fruit have to do with squishing this spider?”

    Spiders are fucked. Gimme a nice curious python any day of the week. Or scorpions… Anything but fucking spiders.

  13. This shit isn’t funny. Get the fuck out.

  14. spiders are awesome. I have heaps of redbacks and white-tails. some huntsmen, a few golden orb-spinners and those freaky little black house spiders that look like satan’s housepet.
    I wish we had funnel webs over here.

  15. I’m over fond of spiders myself, the marbled orb-weavers being near the top of the list. Funny how the first person to squash a spider is also the first person to complain about all the other bugs. Do they not know what spiders eat?

  16. I bloody hate spiders now and am going to the shops to get a big fuck-off can of mortein.

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  18. Dawn of the Dan

    I killed a largish house centipede that was creeping around my apt just last night.
    I had a huge internal fight between my desire to be far far away from those fucking hellbeasts and my knowledge that I would not be able to sleep knowing that the demoncreature was still alive somewhere in the building.

  19. ^did you finish delivering your girl scout cookies?

  20. Dawn of the Dan

    Hey, watch it. I’m an Eagle Scout, yo.

  21. Is there such thing as a teeko eating spider or a noodley huntsman?

    I wonder what spiders t1000 recommends…

  22. ^why would you give a fuck what that monged-out halfwit ‘recommends’? because you are also a monged-out halfwit.

  23. Hey hey ease up. I just wanted to see what delusions his medication gives him.

  24. I recommend the venom of the six eyed sand spider.

    Or a gun.

  25. @16 Anne: Too fucking funny. I actually caught that.

  26. Oh, and ALL spiders are venomous, as far as I’m concerned. But they can live outside if they want. Let one of those little fuckers comes inside though…

    That all comes from seeing a guy get THREE brown recluse bites on his chest, and get Medevac’d to an Army hospital (where he probably died, because it’s an Army hospital, but I didn’t know him since he was in another unit). Fuck those little bastards.

    But outside is okay.

  27. Three? Fuck! Quick, DEBRIDE with no topical anesthetic! Having a couple 68W’s for brothers tells me you’re right…He probably did die. At some point people just turn into meatbags to practice on.

  28. ^ Yep, three. And loves me a 68W – always make friends with one, Capn!

  29. Uh…doesn’t it take DAYS to die from spider bites? It isn’t a fukcing King Cobra

  30. Yes Hawkbit, I would imagine so. But perhaps you’ve never been to an Army hospital. With Army doctors. And this was in peacetime during the Clinton years where the military was being decimated and defunded.

    But he probably didn’t die – I just don’t know. Brown recluses are very venomous – way more so than a black widow.

  31. If he did die, it was most likely due to a staph infection rather than the actual bite. Brown recluse bites are nasty, but they usually only kill children or elderly. Infection in the open wound tends to cause more death than the actual bite. They are still worse than black widows, though, because there is no treatment.

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