Thursday, September 23, 2010


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  1. The mentality of Ed Hardy customers at it’s finest. I’d still bang her though. At least I won’t have to worry about any illegitimate children.

  2. I fully support abortion as birth control. When I’m feeling especially whimsical, I like to masturbate in the dumpster outside of the clinic.

  3. Next time u have 10shots of bicardi do us a favour and slit ur wrists or jump off a bridge and rot in hell wth ur ed hardy tshirt 🙂 that is all..stupid b*tch lol

  4. I am pro birth control too.

    My chosen method is anal sex, if i spill my load up her sphincter there’s no chance of my seed germinating.

  5. Jesus Christ. I feel sick, I wish Lamebook wouldn’t post such things, I don’t need to know. How does a human being turn into this? People have atrocious lives and are still able to feel compassion. And this bitch has friends?

  6. It is very obvious this is a fake profile and a fake “fan” page. They are both brand new, just started pages. TROLL have a nice day.

  7. Magically Suspicious

    If ever there was an argument for mandatory sterilization…..

  8. Kasey is a Kunt.

    I created an account just to say that. It was totally worth it.

  9. Poor kid had a lucky escape.

  10. I remember reading this from a thread on 4chan.

  11. Dear Casey – it is idiots like you who make the the prolife crowd seem reasonalbe. I mean seriously, you are much too stupid to understand the gravity of your actions, laughing at having an abortion…seriously? I am not going to say I hope the knife slips, however I do hope you grow the hell up and and feel the pain and loss associated with your decision. I hope that it is only made worse by how absolutely idioticly you handled the situation. Who the hell posts that on FB?

  12. Dear Kasey – it is idiots like you who make the the prolife crowd seem reasonalbe. I mean seriously, you are much too stupid to understand the gravity of your actions, laughing at having an abortion…seriously? I am not going to say I hope the knife slips, however I do hope you grow the hell up and and feel the pain and loss associated with your decision. I hope that it is only made worse by how absolutely idioticly you handled the situation. Who the hell posts that on FB?

  13. Fake indeed.

  14. Fake, was debunked on Reddit over a week ago…

  15. This was posted on Nik Richie’s last week.

  16. Fake or not, its pretty disgusting either way

  17. i <4 ed hardy. im goin to bye sum tomarrow!!!111

  18. Obviously it’s fake. As if someone like that would have THREE friends.

  19. I am, of course, extremely pro-life, and my ability to have children is still an unknown at this time, but I am very glad that this poor baby won’t have to suffer any longer. Even adoption won’t save it if this woman is going to drink like that and smoke throughout the pregnancy.

    And if it’s fake, then my statement applies to all the women out there who are actually like this girl.

    Also, THIS BABY DEAD. Sorry, that line was hilarious. Guilty pleasure.

  20. This is a good example of why abortion is okay and good that it is legal. ‘Cause in a short time pro-abortionists will have killed themselves off. And clearly, that cannot be a bad thing.

  21. Of course there’s no way that this could be fake… If it is real that bitch should be beaten and sterilized. I’m 100% pro-choice but really, this person is a vile evil excuse for a human being.

  22. What a fucking bitch!!!!! thats all I can say & ive actually only just registered 2 Lamebook just so I can say that, I think this is disgusting!!

  23. Gogo Dan_Fargis, we need you now

  24. Throw Kasey away and keep the baby……

  25. wow…i actually cried when i read this…I get on Lamebook to have a giggle. My husband and i have been trying to create a family for over 4yrs now & we were told recently that the only way we would eva be parents is to adopt. Adoption is a very long process and they want to know everything about you what you eat, drink and do every second of the day……Kasey (or the creator of this charming comment) u r the lowest of low scum and i really do hope u do away with urself, it would be doing the world an enormous favour.

  26. Lmao butterfly313, what is the difference between kasey wanting an abortion, and you declaring her ‘scum’ who would be better off dead? You’re just as selfish and ignorant as each other. I’m not sure which is worse, being a drunken whore or being a holier-than-thou righteous moron as yourself. I hope neither of you ever have children.

  27. @Butterfly – This is what I don’t get about you pro-life people. You actually think that Kasey should have been forced to have her baby? What kind of mother do you think she would have been? It would have taken a miracle for her child not to end up in prison or worse nineteen years from now. Realistically the best this kid could hope for would be to grow up to be a drunken, barely literate moron, just like mommy. If she had had this baby he would have spent most of his childhood nights alone trying to cook ramen for himself while mom parties.
    I think Kasey is a pro-choice poster child. People like her should be encouraged to NEVER have children.
    Also, saying that you think someone else should “do away with urself” doesn’t make you seem like gleaming mommy material to me either, so maybe you should re-evaluate before you decide you’re better than everyone else around.

  28. @Automaton-“you pro-life people”…nicely put and i see your point, but please riddle me this, would you feel the same way if that child could have saved the world? $1,000,000 says you know someone who has, or has died from cancer…what would you have done if that baby that SHOULD HAVE been born cured cancer? Would you still be making a complete ass of yourself?

  29. that kasey bitch is satan

  30. @makeascene: and what if the baby grew up to develop the worlds deadliest bioweapon?
    One can’t exactly go around saying “Don’t kill it, it could cure cancer” when the odds of ‘it’ destroying the Earth is about the same can they?

    Anyway yeah, people seem to think it’s fake, fair enough, but there are many people who act like this (and thousands of people who are MUCH MUCH worse).
    Even pro-life people turn around every now and then and go “My god that person should NOT have children!!”

    @mushiepie: Assuming your reffering to the christian Satan, you are wrong on thousands of levels. Satan according to the bible was downcast from being an ANGEL because of his desire to spread knowledge >.> it’s worded differently to make him sound evil but that is essentially the case, without ‘Satan’ we would still be reasonably dumb and mindless creatures for God to play puppets with.
    That being said, someone with such an utter disregard for standard intelligence can’t be Satan.
    There is no reason to turn the comments into a religious debate now, if you absolutely MUST go that far off topic then perhaps you should leave the internet alone because there will ALWAYS be people saying things you don’t agree with)

  31. @SoulSalmon: I’m pretty sure mushiepie was using ‘Satan’ as a universal insult. A lot of people do it, and chances are it wasn’t meant to start a religious debate, although with the subject of abortion I’m surprised there hasn’t already been one.

    On the note of the status, it’s probably better that Kasey does not reproduce.

  32. This fucking cunt right here is the reason i signed up for this site. Bitch i hope you fucking get so wasted you decide to go play in traffic on the free way in the fast lane its bitches like you that make girls look bad why dont you go cut your wrist you fucking CUNT thank god your not a mother if you were your fucking kid would end up shooting you in the face in the middle of the night keep your fucking nasty ass legs closed you fucking disgrace. FUck bitch your mother shoulda killed you you will never be anything but a CUnt that lays on your back and opens your legs good luck with this one guys shes a real WINNER have fun with AIDS haha FUCKING CUNT ASS BITCH

  33. Kasey here gives me hope for the future….*FACEPALMS*

  34. seriously this girl should of been aborted.

  35. women like this makes me seriously reconsider being anti-abortion.

  36. typically the posts on this site are hilarious: unfortunate auto-spell incidents, embarrassing conversations on a public site, and my personal favorite, the background checks.

    posts like this however, leave me feeling so despicably depressed and ashamed of the callousness of some members of my generation. abortion isn’t funny. nothing about it is funny. this girl is certainly not capable of taking care of a child, and for that poor child’s sake, i’m relieved that her decision was made.

    this is one of the most demented and evil things that i’ve ever read, and the fact that she is oblivious to that fact is unnerving.

  37. hopefully she will never have kids again!

  38. Um….I think the baby is better off.

  39. I hope, for the sake of mankind, that she went through with that abortion.

  40. Please tell me that´s a troll.

    Thank God for the invention of abortion.

  41. This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read.

  42. Hopefully the doctor made a few extra cuts while he was in there.

  43. Logging in from 2016, here..I’m happy that the morning after pill( generic name”one step”) is available at every Safeway pharmacy that i know of. I am i know that that pill doesn’t cause death to a fully formed baby any more than spermicide does. She shoulda used THAT!

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