Thursday, September 23, 2010

Live Lamebook Readings!

Read along here!

Read along here!

Read along here!

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  1. Lol!!!!!! Fuck yeah

  2. OMG, so close 🙁

  3. OH, yeah, entries suck.

  4. retarded.

  5. Awesome. All Lamebook posts should be in this format.

  6. I was surprised that this was actually funny. The second one was meh.

  7. Dude. Anybody can read out a Lamebook post in front of a few people.

  8. Slow news day.

  9. i checked the comments to see if its worth watching. guess its not.

  10. I thought these were awesome. Great attempt to do something new with FB posts. Nice work readers.

  11. Sure anyone can do it. But I have often found myself struggling to put a voice to these posts. Having a few thespians do it for me takes the work out of having to find the humor. It’s the lazy slob in me.

  12. 1st was actually pretty funny, 2nd was just lame so don’t bother, as for the third, i would have to agree that pregnancy is the worse std cuz that shit costs you for the rest of your life!

  13. Pregnancy is the worst thing you can get from a man.

  14. I have to go with herpes being wayyy worse than pregnancy. At least kids move out eventually. Herpes is around for the rest of your life. You love your kids. I don’t know if someone would love having the herp.

  15. I appreciated the reading of “Dentist Said” because I never managed to read through it myself. Too much baby

  16. I thought the second one was the funniest. 😛

  17. is the first guy the You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons guy!?

  18. Yeah, he is.

  19. i lol’d hard at all of them.. they were good.. credit where credits due hey.. @’hobo always so negative.. u need a hug *o*

  20. Haha they were good – its funny when you hear them read out like that…

  21. Not sure if this is a good idea or not…but I love that the last guy had Halftime by Nas as his entrance music. love that song!

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