Friday, January 11, 2013

It’s That Easy!

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  1. hahaha, because she seems so eager to help people by working for nothing, “why don’t guys just do things for me?! WAAAAAAAAAA!”

  2. Things that guys do? Like how we piss all over your toilet seat? Or are you looking for some other kind of services?

  3. Is anyone else getting the “Classic Guy” ad with the shirtless homeless guy with an enormous pee stain on his pants? Does American Apparel really think that will sell clothes?

  4. ^ I keep getting an ad for striped socks. Maybe it’s telling me something…

  5. Jordan. I see what you mean… Joan`s c0mment is impressive… yesterday I bought a top of the range Renault 5 from making $4554 this – four weeks past and in excess of ten k last-month. it’s by-far the most-comfortable work Ive had. I started this nine months/ago and pretty much immediately was making minimum $85… p/h. I went to this website,-=-=- BIT40.cøm -=-=-=-

  6. wow diana must be a real cunt if she has to give guys hj’s to rearrange furniture for her.

  7. “Some things that guys do”….yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and pull a feminazi: stupid girl!

  8. Ann Thorpe likeshorsedick

    I’ll do it for a rim job and a box o ju ju bees!

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