Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad Chemistry

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  1. wow im first???

  2. Lamebook fail on Jo Ray…

  3. Yep…I bet you can die a happy man now, @port-a-pottypoet 🙂

  4. With so many toys to give away does that make her a whore ?

  5. @kristp, yes I have been waiting for this day for sooooo long.

  6. Pee on C tat. You still have her name tattood on your body for eternity.

  7. Umm so what happens if tattoo guy falls in love with another Cynthia??

  8. Well then he can just pretend the little cartoon guy’s wanking.


  10. Or you know, he will never meet another girl named Cynthia who will fall for him?
    Kristy, personally, I tend to throw out the toys that have been well used. They’ve served their purpose.

  11. Handed down like a used toy to the “less fortunate”? So…. did she just call all the chicks that her ex bf’s are dating ugly? Sounds bitter and jealous to me.

  12. Maybe the tattoo guy is just a big fan of giving golden showers.

  13. What Kristy fails to realize is that same logic can be applied in reverse as well.

  14. Exactly, Comments. Dumb cow.

  15. Hahaha! “Fuck you, you hook up with everyone – be my girlfriend?” BRILLIANT!!!!

  16. If you say “soz” for “sorry” (I think that’s what it was suppose to be), you deserve to be shot in the head and left on a street corner for dead.
    Sorry David.

  17. Ummm… like… you people are idiots. That tattoo clearly says MynChia and it’s probably her own name and she added the pee part because she hates her name because it’s such a stupid name.

  18. It says Cynthia you idiot. The point is that it’s a stupid tattoo.

  19. Oh my. MynChia?
    Can we submit Lamebook comments to Lamebook?

  20. @CommentsAtLarge: Well actually, I can’t take credit for this post considering I copied it from the random Facebook status generator because I am too lazy to update my own status and could care less about Facebook and its status in general. As for the reverse being true..its possible, but thats all a matter of opinion. Other people opinions are not necessarily my reality.

    @sideshow: It was just a funny status update as I was in a relationship at the time. Geez, people get a sense if humor. You don’t have to be bitter or jealous to make snarky posts, plenty of people got a laugh out if it. Trust me I don’t have a thing to be jealous of, people are exes for a reason. I would imagine the person who submitted it to LameBook, was someone who took offense to it, say like a bitter ex who felt humiliated by a funny status update (which I do know who as I received a text asking me to take it down from FB because it embarrassed him. Even though it wasn’t even directed towards him.)

  21. Kristy is fat.

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