Monday, November 26, 2012

Check, Mate

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  1. I once vomited on a pancake, because it was there.

  2. This is such racist bullsit. It’s spelled ‘Oi’, for a start.

  3. @ciremelf
    I have diarrhea

  4. Baby-stealing dingos are exhausting?

  5. @frank
    Doesn’t it annoy you when people are so wrong?

  6. I logged in just to say I’m taking a diarrhea right now… i’ll send you the link once i post the pic to facebook 🙂

  7. I couldn’t agree more frank..further to your observation:
    1. Aussies don’t say ‘Aha’
    2. chess is not a huge Aussie past time (it’s shit for a spectator, and generally you can’t drink/bet)
    3. who brings a fucking baby to a chess fight??? no aussie would turn up to a chess fight with a baby and hence no baby stealing dingo would show… ignorant fucker

  8. Just because the dingo isn’t stealing a baby at the moment doesn’t mean it isn’t a baby-stealing dingo.

  9. I like how he used the word ’emerges’ like they’re playing chess in the middle of the bush.

  10. Dingoes don’t steal babies, they straight up eat them. And why didn’t he talk about the epic background didgeridoo?

  11. I imagin this fellow knows nothing about Australia. For a start, we all don’t talk like that. He should lay off the Dingoes and start worrying about the Drop Bears.

  12. That’s not funny. A child died.

  13. @havemercy

    You do all talk like that and to quote a line from your national anthem “You’re a Gala”

  14. ^ *galah
    ya drongo

  15. ^Cheers

  16. Noice

  17. @oldnoob I remember talk of being girt by sea but nothing about a galah. Fail.

    Fun fact: Folks from the East Coast sound like Julia Gillard. Folks from the West Coast don’t.

  18. Julia Gillard is welsh… In Australia it’s spelt diarrhoea…… Are you all Poms or Kiwis trying to pose as Aussies? Spose you all wanna hug a koala “bear” and catch a ride in a kangaroo’s pouch too? Thats not a knife, this is a knife! And we never ever throw a shrimp on the barbie. It’s a prawn you dumb shit

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