Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Check Yo’Self

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  1. These aren’t funny.

  2. Antisumbmarine Koreans is hilarious!

  3. Oops I almost like my misspelling better…almost.

  4. fuck noobie (negative bitch), these are hilarious

  5. The last one is not funny but the rest had me in a stitch. $25 million dollar inbreds, how’d they find out about me?

  6. fuck you matty. these suck salty balls.

  7. Some of these seriously made me LOL!

    Matty and Lamebookpro, calm down. People find different things funny. Swearing and carrying on isn’t going to change that.

  8. All of you are noobs. I wish Boz and Zombie Kid were here to embarrass the shit out of you so you wouldn’t get so pissed over lamebook comments. Grow up.

  9. i applaud you, beanstalker, for being exponentially cooler than anyone here because you know the usernames of two of the ~*oRigiNaL*~ lamebook commenters. congratulations on…not being new. ?

  10. Meh!!! light luaghter

  11. Hee hee! Those are funny!

  12. I miss turtles

  13. Ahh yes, Beanstalker. I recall the olde days of Lamebook, way back in April ’09. “I like turtles” that always emabarrasses the hell out of everyone.

  14. Yeah… Where is Boz? I miss him..

  15. I wonder which “her” they reopened? How many times has she been opened? I have all these thoughts…

  16. these would make great band names

  17. LOL not bad at all. Would love to get funny shit like that, have a laugh for the day then can’t type them in from the tears streaming down my face 😛

  18. GrammaticalErrors

    backbeatrhythm & Kenada FTW!

    It’s like sitcom actors not wanting new characters to be introduced to ensure that the “original” cast and crew can continue to dominate and generate all the laughs and entertainment.

    Soon they will move on so they can be the “originals” on a new site, until too many new people join and they have to move on.

    Internet nomads looking for the site that allows them to forever been known as the original overlord’s, only ever interacting with others who know all the inside jokes. Never having to deal with annoying noobs with their ignorance of past events and jokes and non-conformity to their accepted high standard of comment!

  19. For some reason my brain pictured all these word mashes – large bacterium, twins double c-section, Prince Charles, picketing Chinamen.

  20. lol the first one is pure gold!

  21. does that say reopened her? or hor?

  22. It was ‘her’

  23. @ Walter

    I’ve got no idea why your brain would be picturing all that, but knock yourself out old chap

  24. ahh randomness sure is amusing

  25. @GrammaticalErrors:

    It’s more like when the original cast of a sitcom leaves and they bring in Josh Meyers.

  26. Ugh, I wish people would stop talking about wishing the old members would come back. Besides Boz and Mr. Haiku, the place was still filled with idiots. And we have tons of awesome commenters now, way better than before. I used to only come here for the entries, now I prefer the comments.

  27. I miss civility.

  28. I’m a huge fan of $25-million inbreds. They’re the best kind.

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