Monday, December 5, 2011

Chow Down

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  1. Almost epic troll. He should have skipped the last three sentences, however.

    Also, thank you Lamebook for keeping me updated on how smoking hot Emma Watson is turning into.

  2. Except he didn’t think of that at all. And then he tried to take credit for it.
    Lame indeed.

  3. Copy + paste. Too bad.

  4. Copy + paste. Too bad.

  5. That is pretty funny even if it’s copied.

  6. I’ve seen this way too many times on my newsfeed. It’s supposed to say that he copied it from someone else at the end. It’s not funny to me anymore after seeing it over 5 times, especially since he tried to take credit for it.

  7. Jokes are funnier in first person.

    Of course the joke was not originally posted for your lamebook pleasure so your “It’s not funny any more” should be directed to the submitter, not Julios.

  8. Julius, if it’s so obvious that you would only ever buy dog food for your own dog, why are the words “for my dog” necessary in your first clumsy sentence?

  9. I never saw this on my newsfeed until last week when I trolled my friends by saying I got kicked out of Sam’s Club and couldn’t shop there anymore, I kept the story going through the comments. It was hilarious. And now it’s spreading through FB. Funny.

    Yes, I’m taking credit for this one on FB, even though I got the email years ago from my best friend lol.

  10. lefreaq December 5th, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Copy + paste. Too bad.
    mad2physicist December 5th, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Copy + paste. Too bad.

  11. I’m sorry. I’m confused. This has appeared on people’s ‘news’ feeds? In what fucked up reality is this news?

  12. Julius is one crazy ass mofo. like all the other a holes who posted this, thus getting into newsfeeds…

  13. I still laughed

  14. MsAnneThrope, We’re referring to news feeds on Facebook. I take it you don’t have a FB account, otherwise you would kno what we’re talking about when we say “news feed”.

  15. Thanks for your prompt reply, joestxgirl! It was Really Swell of you to help out an internet stranger in their apparent confusion.
    But you can fuck off because that is not what I was getting at.

  16. ^ bitch much?

  17. ^True dat ccugirl18. MAT Since you talk out of your ass constantly, nobody knows what you are talking about. Would you like to clarify what the fuck you need to know? You are ass douchery at it’s finest.

  18. Codename Dutchess

    Be careful laugh.out.loud, MsAnne will tear off your face, shit down your throat, and diddle herself all at the same time.

  19. THIS POST SUCKS. I’ve already seen this copied and pasted on my friend’s fb status. Plus, its not that funny.

  20. As long as it’s good for him/her, I’ve done my part.

  21. ^Your part was whining like a little bitch with a skinned knee?
    Ah, thanks for that, sunshine. No. Really.

  22. Also, Codename Dutchess (#18), I’ll be smoking a long cigar and laughing.

  23. wow, why does anyone come to this site and read this garbage, having msannethrope the tranny being an internet tough guy he/she bearded man-lady. Grow up you dumb little bastard, no one comes back for your quips, so just get a life and shut the fuck up

  24. analrapist, you hit it on the head right there. Ms…youre full of shit, im drunk right now, so having trouble spelling, anything witty is impossible, but i doubt il remember to check if youve posted a bullshit reply, so until next time, whore. au revoir

  25. Oh noooooooooooz MsAnne told me to fuck off!!! I’m so scared!!!

  26. analrapist, sometimes the quips are the only thing worth coming back here for.

    ok, not really, but some people could, I guess.

  27. ^^ doubt it. tho i came back to see what was written, if only there was a website that gave a notification update :/

  28. on a happier note, hawkbit, i dont really like the way you type, its too sardonic, but relatively, i had a mate who was very similar…although we didnt like each other. ms…imafatlonelywhore/mandickhumpinglackingattentiondicksplashpussfilledpenilewart, (see what i did there?!) cunt flap.

  29. just realised i forgot to add an end to the sentence there… i dont like you.

  30. heh heh heh… rending of hair, gnashing of teeth, and enough butthurt to power a third world nation.

    I’d say my job here is done.

  31. crusty, the first rule of being a douchey anonymous poster is that you never mention going back to check replies. that indicates the you care what other douchey anonymous posters think.

  32. oh, and crying little girls sharing notes on coping with the pain and humiliation of getting caught giving a fuck about something so petty.

  33. Julios,

    Actually, I can think of quite a few reasons why you would be buying dog food…. maybe you work at a homeless shelter, maybe there are some stray dogs near your house, maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend asked you to pick it up for their dog…..

    it sounds like the woman was just trying to pass some time while waiting on line and sadly, she stumbled upon an asshole like you!

  34. @crusty I am sorry. I did not know you could see how sardonically I have been typing. So is it yes or no on the new keyboard?

  35. Hawk, I suspect that crusty thinks ‘sardonically’ has something to do with tinned fish. But she is pretty drunk right now, so she may not remember to check back here.

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