Monday, December 5, 2011

A Clear History

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  1. Heheh. Boobies..

  2. Oh yeah, I was all over that Bakugan Gundalian stuff when I was 9.

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    I’m a bit older than 9, and my search history isn’t that much different…

    Slightly less ‘cartoon network’ and slightly more ‘inserting’, ‘gaping’ and ‘vaginas’, but essentially the same…

  4. Back in middle school, the town library computers always had a similar search history, along with ‘nude spice girls’, etc.

  5. You don’t post that shit to the internet, you teach him about Ctrl+Shift+N. Everyone has a learning curve. Help the poor kid out, even if 9 seems a little young to be searching “lady parts”.

  6. That is adorable

  7. Wow, what a revelation!

  8. Kids have it so easy these days with the instant gratification. When I was 9 I started trying to get into my 16 year old next door neighbor’s pants. It took me 2 damned years. And then I only got laid about 15 times before the whore went off to college. And she only had b cups… Ah, fuck it.

  9. like a BAWSS

  10. back in the day, we had to mess with the tracking on the TV to try to get the scrambled Spice Channel!

  11. Lexluther: I think 9 is a little too -old- to be searching “lady parts”. I would think by now he would know what “vagina” means.

  12. crane, you’re assuming it’s a little boy.

  13. How serious are we being right now? Cause I don’t know of a 1st grade boy that knows what a vagina is. Except for that one kid that lives in a trailer park and gets the shit kicked out of him every day for being born. He knows what everything means and he has been sneaking into the girl teachers’ bathroom to drink beer and sneak peeks of their panties since Kindergarten.

    Was that you crane? Were you that kid? Cause if so, dude, it’s cool. I’m sorry. You don’t need to kick my ass again. Also, you don’t owe me any money. Those lunches I missed hardly stunted my growth at all.

  14. I love how he gets bored with “lady parts” (I guess?) and switches to cartoon network for a while, then returns to “big boobies”. What a champ.

  15. idiot kid doesn’t know how to do an image search.

  16. I think we are missing the real issue here. Neko???????

  17. Hawkbit, unless you are xenophobic beyond all reason – and I cannot rule that out – is there any other reason why everyone on the planet should have a WASP name?

  18. lexluther,
    How many 9-year-old 1st graders do you know?

  19. @Ms Such a stinging rebuke. But seriously google image search “Neko”

  20. arrrrrrggghhhh!!

  21. I know this girl (yes its a girl) and her real name is Nicole and she is white. So….chill

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