Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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  1. WTF?

  2. Name censor fail there lamebook…

  3. This post is Vincent.

  4. ^you spelt “boring” wrong

  5. Vincent is synonymous to boring and gay.

  6. @yodawg Stop hitting on Vincent…

  7. They were doing good till someone through in Tailspin. Disney Fail

  8. BeautifullyDizzy

    Randomness: my cousin was in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? She played a snobby bitch.

  9. ^probably was’t hard to get into character then!

  10. Stever.

  11. Mm, Nostalgia. I miss the old Nick. There still show a few of those shows, but most of the good ones are off the air now, replaced by trashy reality type shows. Just the way MTV died.

  12. I always tried to time my wank sessions to coincide with Christine getting slimed on You Can’t Do That On Television. To this day, I still get hard whenever someone says “I don’t know”.

  13. I actually just read a story about the tv channel TeenNick is running old 90’s shows….

  14. It seems that LB finally smartened up to people changing Usernames and messing around.

    Also, do not click on my link. You have been warned. It’s simply there for morons who let curiosity get the better of them.

  15. worst lamebook post ever.

  16. Lamebook there, reminding us of things we were once aware of, but have since forgotten.

  17. vaginalroundhouse

    All you mother f*ckers are going to jail!

  18. No one remembers Roundhouse. That was a cool show. Snick. Also the original Ren and Stimpy. Good times.

  19. Of course I clicked on it, Keona. Now I know why “Big Momma” is such a hit

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