Wednesday, July 27, 2011

F’n Problems

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  1. When will people learn that the Ebonics is not cool?

  2. ^U damn ryt Jesse Jackson ebonicz ain’t kool nigga

  3. N since u axed when will ppl learn dat ebonicz ain’t kool,ill give u a hint *never*

  4. Uh… ‘make a great deal of money, and as you may have gathered, that presupposes that I do, in fact, already possess a weighty sum myself, and then come and talk to me. Bitchez’.

    Fuck, where’s that bi-lingual dictionary…?

  5. He was fin’ to slap that dude….

  6. having seen plenty of american tv, i am quite familiar with ebonics and can generally guess what the nice black people are trying to say, but “fin'”? i have no idea…

  7. Doesn’t he mean “F’in'”, as in “F’ing”, as in “fucking”?

  8. He’s trying to say “f’in,” as in “fuckin’.” However, with the apostrophe like this, “fin’,” it’s like he’s saying, “finin’.” Which anytime I’ve ever heard anyone use finin’ it meant they were getting ready to do something.


  10. He was ’bout to fin slap that dude.

  11. ….I just posted the same as #5, and I seriously didn’t look at it. I just scrolled down.

    o.O What the fin?

  12. And that’s where the whole “black people can’t swim” stereotype came from: The age old Crips vs. Dolphin surf and turf war.

    You kids need to stop killing each other and find a porpoise in life.

  13. Wait… I thought Fin’ stood for fighting?…

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Isn’t this just a “Southpark/Kayne West/Gay Fish” reference? Just sayin’

  15. Boobies

  16. I thought he meant ‘anything’ as in ‘anyfin’ therefore shortened to ‘fin’. But what do I know?…

  17. dellyoh, I’m pretty sure he meant “f’in,” as in “fuckin’ with me.”

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