Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some People…

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  1. She’s a total bitch, I much prefer a woman with curves to a stick insect with an attitude problem. All that said, I’ve no time for clinically obese people and proper fatties, it’s their own damn fault they’ve ended up like that.

  2. The short girl with no breasts who is already looking hippy as a teenager should add herself to the list of women that don’t have a perfect body…

  3. She’s got a semi-cute body at best, but her narcissism alone trumps all and makes her ugly as hell.

  4. And she’s probably 16

  5. Imagine the ego on this little lady. Would be like trying to hump a weasel in spring.

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  7. She is kinda perfect. I’ll allow this.

  8. This bodes well for her future. I am the crystal ball.

    She’s a teenager, so I’ll allow for her general stupidity. That said, clearly she’s the type whose self-worth is tied in to vanity, since her personality sucks and academic pursuits probably aren’t her strong suit.

    She’ll most likely end up in a sorority; once the lowered self-esteem from being passed around amongst frat douchebros, too much drinking and partying in general, shitty late night eating habits and increased metabolic devastation brought on by an eating disorder have taken their toll, she’ll have gained quite a few in the (predictably) 6 years it’ll take her to graduate from college.

    Post-grad, real life kicks her ass: she’ll be too lazy to exercise and too stressed from unemployment or living way beyond her means to make it look like she’s successful to maintain a proper diet. Boxed wine, ramen and mac & cheese will become mealtime staples when she isn’t scamming on guys for “dates” just so she can eat for the night.

    Depressed that youth is no longer on her side and lacking the personality/intelligence that might’ve saved her and her self-esteem otherwise, a nervous breakdown and maybe delving into some plastic surgery by roughly 28 to try and reverse time.

    Over time MORE plastic surgery. If she’s disciplined, exercise obsession begins… not that it’ll matter as the combo of metabolic trauma and the natural slowdown that comes with again will make it much more difficult to lose pounds and tone up than years prior.

    She continues to try (and fail) to compete with the youngins’, who like she ones did are, pulling the “Sorry you’re old, fat and ugly!” card, but on her. Cougarville ensues!

    Years continue to go by and her looks continue fading, because unless you’ve got the money, aging is one of those things very much out of your control.

    Live it up while you can honey, you’re going to miss these days!

  9. ^ That’s just awesome! Is it wrong of me to hope all of that happens just as you predicted.

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  11. Holy crap #8. I went from being mildly aroused to utterly depressed in 2min. Well written, 10/10.

  12. Just a slap? That seems like it’s not going to be quite enough.

  13. necrophiliac64258

    stupid slut if I met her she would be sorry

  14. I got a little wordy there (plus a few typos), but am glad it was well-received. Apologies in advance for word vomit to follow!

    spartic – I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to wish it on them for a few reasons. There are plenty of attractive and humble people who have other positive attributes that ultimately trump their being nice to look at. Tools like these though, you can pick up on their rotten nature early enough on; they’re the types that coast through life on their looks and are typically so high on themselves (and entitled from experiencing the better treatment attractive people tend to get) that they treat others around them horribly. It’s interesting enough to see where some of that begins, because the trajectory usually goes something like that. If nothing else, it’s karmic.

    Think of all the 30+ (I don’t think that’s old – I’m turning 28 soon, myself – but that’s the age vain types start having a breakdown since 20something = young) BATSHIT females you see on reality shows, may know personally, or see in the wild. They’re both scary and sad. More often than not, they’ll have been like this when they were younger. Her lamebook post should just amuse anyone older who knows it definitely doesn’t last forever. She’ll take it for granted in the meantime though, you can be sure of that. 😀

    Thanks! First time commenting on a lamebook post, actually. I guess I can speak to this because I’m into observing human behavior and have seen one too many older women reliving their glory days and seeking validation on the internet. I follow some of their blogs because they’re pretty terrifying cautionary tales. I could easily see her becoming one of them. Thanks again, though. 😀

  15. looks like shes gettin a little pooch down she pregnant or just gettin fat? hope she dont read this..we wouldnt want a sweet little cunt like dat 2 end up w/ an eating disorder now would we

  16. Meh she’s obviously a kid I have no doubt life will smack that attitude out of her pretty quickly. Probably when she has to actually get a job and finds out that she isn’t model material and acting is hard, but McDonald’s is always hiring.

  17. What a bitch! It people like her and haggie (comment #2) that ruin girls self esteem and cause so many people to have eating disorders or even self harm. I hope her post is around forever. That way, her future children can see it and she can see the looks on their faces when they cry and hurt themselves because people are fucking stupid and mean.

  18. Sorry for my typo… I meant to say it’s people like her and DanR (comment #1) that ruin girls self esteem and cause so many people to have eating disorders or even self harm. No disrespect haggie.

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