Monday, August 6, 2012

Gross Nerds

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  1. Fake.

  2. There are two main smells associated with rain. The first is ozone which can be produced by lightning. This has an acrid smell. The common rain smell is a gas called petrichor. Volatiles evaporate from plants and are absorbed by rocks, concrete etc. When the rain hits the rock, the volatiles are released into the atmosphere and you smell it. This is a clean fresh smell.

  3. (crouches, waiting….)

  4. FAKE!^

  5. ^fuck off, halfwit.
    you sheltered workshoppers are always fucking scaring away the bigger game.

  6. Faker!^

  7. do you all have to harsh the buzz of everything. I LOVE the smell of rain, and i don’t give a flying rat’s ass what the scientific mumbo jumbo is that explains it. can’t you just enjoy something for the sake of it?
    And you guys called me a retard. huh. Funny that.

  8. Teeko is fake!

  9. yes, teeko. it is indeed very safe by this waterhole.

  10. I love when old people use young people speak “harsh the buzz”, good one teeko. Now MsAnne is going to get “up in yo’ grill”.

  11. Sorry, I’m on safari.

  12. Real

  13. oh good lord.. cut my legs off and call me shorty!

    I totally read that picture as ‘I like the smell of pain’ …
    couldn’t work out what the fuck you were all on about

  14. This scientific explanation has finally settled the mystery of why women won’t let me curl out a shite all over their boat race whilst crouched in a rain storm.

  15. @10. Young people speak? haha you moron. Welcome to the 70’s.

  16. and MsAnne. Sorry I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Water hole? Safari? Are you a flipping wildebeast?
    I just popped in for my weekly check to see if it was hilarious here yet. I think I am being lied to.

  17. ^FAKE

  18. I love the smell of rain – especially the ozone smell.

    But then it started reeking like hot, hammered dog shit right around #7, then again at #16. Weird.

  19. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Who doesn’t love the smell of ozone! I can spend hours printing windows test pages on my LaserJet just to have the room smell like it. Ofcourse I always open the windows at night to let the ozone escape, because I care about this planet. If more people would do this, we could close that hole in the ozone layer in no time.

    Problems are sometimes so easy to solve!

  20. Attaboy! There’s that empathy programming we’ve been looking for!
    Thought you were gonna need a firmware update soon!

  21. Christ…the proper response to #9 is “..say’s the crocodile”…Teeko, Ms. went out drinking earlier last night…Safari = Bar, where Hippos = Fatties, hang out…fuck, I quit..

  22. ^ And here I thought she meant she was using the web browser made by Apple. Thanks for clearing that up, Capn.

  23. The smell is nitrogen

  24. nitrogen has no odor

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