Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Time!

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  1. Daniel, my faith in people is right up there with yours.

  2. (assuming I ever had any) My faith in people is destroyed when thoughtless bastards WASTE perfectly good dope brownies on fucking lightweight wowsers.

  3. Wait, you are COMPLAINING about free marijuana? Do you have any idea what I would give to have friends who feed me free marijuana?

  4. Also, why is it that 11 months out of every year we warn our kids (rightly) of Stranger Danger, yet in December we actively encourage them to sit on the lap of any freak in an ill-fitting red suit and fake beard?

  5. Daniel is just god damn ungrateful

  6. Ummm it was called POTluck for a reason Daniel….

  7. daniel seems like a little baby anyway. he’s not invited to the next one i’m sure.

  8. The comments here are so predictable.

  9. I love the deer being bled out.

  10. MsAnneThrope, I think the fact that the parents take the children to this stranger and teach them that this stranger gets them gifts every year is the problem. I don’t think children walk around a mall alone and just look for a guy in a red coat to sit on…

  11. Just noticed that these comments have no cry of FIRST, no mention of Ben or Steever … so I thought I’d ruin all that.

  12. Codename Dutchess

    Take it from analrapist, he knows where to go to find lone children wandering around looking for a guy in a red coat to sit on. And it damn sure aint the mall.

  13. I don’t have anything to say about the post, but analrapist had the handle I wanted to have when I first joined this site. Arrested Development ftw!

  14. @saunkhogben – Fuckmustard!

  15. Fucking rednecks, why would you kill a deer made out of light, and shove it’s entrails in its face? Cruel bastards.

  16. Daniel’s story can’t be real

  17. why do people lie to their children about santa claus? i think it’s an awful thing to do. my kids would hate to find out i’ve lied to them, so i told them the truth.

  18. LadyAngora, people tell the Santa Claus fallacy for the same reason that they tell their children that there is a benevolent, omnipotent androgynous being looking down upon all of us from the heavens, who. loves. each. and. every. one. of. us.

    Coz it’s fun to introduce magic and hope into a child’s life…and then tear it away.

  19. What the living FUCK? g0d is NOT androgynous! g0d is a MAN, dammit. A MAN.

  20. the difference between telling kids about santa and telling them about God is that the parents KNOW that santa is not real, and many adults really DO believe in God.

    blatantly lying to your children seems cruel.

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