Friday, July 27, 2012

What’s Your Super Power?

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  1. Berky, love, let’s not mistake me for a basement dweller who spends their days locked up play WoW 23 hours a day. Getting laid has never been a problem…finding a bird worth keeping around is. I enjoy the chase, the game, the courting process, if you will. I like bitches that play hard to get, ya know? Longest a girl ever took me was the third date. I was just being polite, so fuck you prick, wash your own ass…I’m not going anywhere near that hemmoroid ridden cesspool. Your old news, and your newness has worn off. Anyways, congratulations, beatus, you made 100, and just for that I award you 10 internetz….use them them wisely! And Berky, now that the goal has been reached I bid your filthy cunt mouth and sticky fingers farewell…go wash the cum outta your keyboard and seek my ad-vice and ramblings in another tread…

  2. well fuck me gently with a chainsaw, did I get to you old cap’n?

    oh yep, I’m sure you have untold success with women, I can just tell by the way you sweet talk.. I’m guessing most of them are of a quality where they have ‘all you can eat’ tattoo’d on their stomachs, and smoke powders from dinted coke cans.. yep no worries mate, I’ll catch you elsewhere if that’s what you want

  3. Yeah, babe, catch me elsewhere, get’n aboot time to replace bookmarks mate! And no, don’t confuse yourself, lamebook’s no place for getting butthurt…I figure its all in good phun idnt it? Don’t get all sourpuss on me :p

  4. ah Cap’n you never fail to amuse.. but come on, that tattoo’d meth line I used bordered on golden!

    no butthurt here, I told ya that you not even touching the sides yet matey.. it’s always all in good fun.. you ever hear of the golden rivet? I bet you have eh

  5. Eh, I was more tickled with the conundrum that presents itself while gently fucking one with a chainsaw….it’s the gentle part that got me…reminded me of that one song “killing me softly”. I rather enjoy poetic violence. Oh yeah, and the golden rivet, forgot all about it! Have you found it yet?

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